It’s Time To Tune In: 20 Best Music Online Store Templates

Music is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic forms of art. It doesn’t employ visual images, may not contain words, but still, it conveys to us ultimate happiness, pleasant relief, sweet melancholy or active energy. Have you ever thought how this can be possible that sounds, put in a right order, pull the strings of our soul and affect all the people pretty much the same? Anyway, music is a means to add value and sensual experience to our daily lives. With modern technologies it fills the vacuum of mundane activities such as commuting, shopping or housework. It gives a tuning to our work and hobby time, accompanies us when tossing a book around or waking up in the morning.

Music is a way to stay in touch with the times. People strive to listen to something modern and cool. Not in a sense that they care much about the year of release, but how it sounds, whether it gives them a surge of energy. That is why, it is very important for a music online store to convey the idea of catching the beat of the epoch, the rhythm of life in all its diversity. Modern shopping experience is conceptual, stripped of any fluff and convenient at the same time. Nobody is up to reading lengthy paragraphs of descriptions. Design should be clear and simple, highlighting the main points, conveying the atmosphere.

E-commerce sphere has been quickly evolving in recent years and is now ready to provide customers with a great experience of purchasing process. The most popular ways you can set up your enterprise are, probably, either Magento or PestaShop systems. They both provide you with all the features you want to see in a high-end web store, such as easy navigation, enhanced customer service, wishlists, tools for marketing promotions, different payment methods, detailed analytics, etc. What is more, there are multiple themes for them! A sleek well-thought design will complement the convenience of your online shop and boost your sales to a new level!

Why Should You Choose a Pre-designed Template over a Custom Design?

1) It makes your life easier! Setting up a custom design takes a lot of time for working with a programmer and then waiting for the design being done from scratch! And what if it turns out to be not what you expected? Then you will have to wait again.

2) And it does not cost that much. You are not paying for the whole process of reinventing the wheel just for you. You get a design of professional quality that after configuration looks as unique as a custom one!

3) It has never been simpler! With an intuitive interface you will not need any special skills to set up your website in 15 minutes. All you need to do is to install and adjust it and it will start bringing you profit immediately.

4) Get it responsive! It will adjust to the screen size and kind of device that it is browsed from and will provide your customers with a great experience without zooming in and out.

5) Great images that come with the theme become yours. It means you get a license for them and can later reuse them for other projects.

Are you ready to catch the beat of time? Then step forward and catch one of these stylish designs. This selection of 20 best music shop templates is at your disposal!

Embodied Music: Music Store Responsive Magento Design

It is a pleasure to touch great musical instruments, to hold them in your hands. Picture this pleasure by highlighting elegant curves and shining surfaces of legendary instruments in a lightbox.




Details | Demo

Find your tune: Music Store Magento Template

Clear structure and color highlights will make navigating of your website a piece of cake. Finding the music that fits one’s taste and mood is easy as never!



Details | Demo

Deep Sound: Car Audio Systems PrestaShop Theme

Dark grey shades and plastic forms of this theme convey the deepness of quality sound. Make this deepness a key concept of your website with the sleek responsive theme



Details | Demo

Best Choice Car Audio Magento Template

This monochrome template will favorably present your products in laconic forms. Eye-friendly black font will state clearly all the information your clients need to know for their choice.



Details | Demo

Jazz it up! Music Shop Magento Design

Add some fun to choosing the right instrument with juicy orange elements that combine well with grey bars. Your customer should never forget that music is fun – both for player and listener!



Details | Demo

The Best Sound for Your Car Magento Theme

A good car without a proper audio system is not a good car. This powerful design embodies fast drive with roughness of unlimited motion.



Details | Demo

Responsive Music Store PrestaShop Template

There is always some feeling of adventure in uncovering new bits of music. Demonstrate all the new and notable on your website with a large lightbox. Intuitive navigation will take your clients exactly to what they need.



Details | Demo

Voices of Melody Magento Design

Your website has everything from acoustic guitars to latest models of electronic instruments. Great presentation is ensured by category grid featuring photos of your instruments. Red tags for special offers and discounts work great to boost your sales.



Details | Demo

Album Cover Says a Word: Music Store Magento Template

What should be the most eye-catching element of a music store? Of course the covers of the albums. With this theme they are really put in the spotlight as they uncover how artists see their work.



Details | Demo

Drops of Yellow Music Store PrestaShop Theme

This well-thought theme features nice “Add To Cart” icons that are at the same time not too obtrusive. A balanced combination of yellow and grey gives your website a fresh look and at the same time does not distract from its graphical content.



Details | Demo

Sleek and Reserved: Music Online PrestaShop Template

This monochrome design is reserved enough not to distract your clients from concentrating on music experience. Sleek dark grey elements will not clash with different genres of presented music.



Details | Demo

Stylish Pop: Music Store PrestaShop Design

This fashionable theme features classic black&white combination, juiced up by naughty pink elements. It is great for presenting the latest events of the music world.



Details | Demo

Comfortable Music Experience: Car Audio PrestaShop Theme

Great audio system turns your car into the most comfortable place for listening to music. Small space of a car just vibrates with the waves of sound with no noises and distortions.



Details | Demo

See the Picture: Car Audio & Video Magento Template

Not watching video in the car is the waste of your time. Modern devices can make this experience not worse then when you do this at home. This template features an extra large lightbox reminiscent of a videoplayer screen.



Details | Demo

Three-dimensional Experience: Car Audio PrestaShop Design

Shades of black and grey create a 3D space around the audio systems. This helps to imagine how well they will sound in a real space of a car.



Details | Demo

Color Frenzy: Music Store PrestaShop Theme

Electic violet is the top color of the season. Suggest that your music is the same: the latest and the brightest hits, all in one place.



Details | Demo

Club lights: DJ Store PrestaShop Theme

Immerse your guests into the space of club life and atmosphere of ultimate acceptance and freedom. This design turns your store into a club zone with the best music experiences available.



Details | Demo

Music Beat PrestaShop Theme

Feel the beat of music and select what fits your mood and taste with this high-end design featuring a content carousel. A good choice that fits for every music genre.



Details | Demo

Music Store Magento Theme

Do you want to give your website some informal tuning? This theme will be the best fit for music that is really creative and expressive. Among the assets of this design is the large lightbox and bigger images for the items of the grid.



Details | Demo

Popular Music Online Store Magento Theme

This template has all you need in one place. Well-thought structure, convenience of use and neon pink magnetism. It perfectly reflects the spirit of modern pop.



Details | Demo


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