The 3 Best Alternatives to Google URL Shortener

A URL shortener is an online tool that compressed a large URL into a small URL. When you click on the short URL, it will open the exact site. Google also offers its own link shortener. The shortener URL of google was first launched in 2009 under google toolbar. After one year, Google launched it as an individual website for the use of the public in 2010.

Ultimate benefits of URL shortener:

The concept and usage of Link Shortener have progressed now. The free URL shortener or free Link Shortener is used for various purposes, which are listed below:

  • The links become more manageable.
  • Unattractive links are converted to small ones.
  • Short URLs are easy to share and message than the large ones who get a break some time or exceed the message limit.
  • The short URLs are search engine optimization friendly.
  • The short URLs are easy to remember and identify.
  • The short URL is a combination of the information.
  • The short URLs have a good appeal than the large ones.
  • You can track the liking and sharing of your content in a specific period of time through the compressed links. So it will help you in monitoring or tracking the traffic.
  • Short URLs are great for promotion and brand marketing. It helps in enhancing profit.


If you check the large list of digital tools offered by SmallSEOtools, you will find a Link Shortener. This URL shortener is totally free to use and works great. SmallSEOtools never disappoint its users. It always works to satisfy its customers up to optimum. SmallSEOtools is known for its search engine optimization tools that are great in enhancing the website scoring by the natural and organic means.

Along with the link shortener, it also offers similar digital tools like the URL encoder-decoder and URL rewriting tool. There is no paid version for it; that means you can get all the features and benefits from the beginning. 

Bitly URL shortener:

Bitly is a URL shortener tool that is used worldwide due to its great features. It provides its URL shortening services for free. After shortening the URL, you can do many modifications to it as you require. The short URLs are very good for promotion and branding purposes; that’s why it’s trend is going on.

When you have customized your website’s URL from this amazing tool, then you can track the user’s working. The short URL enables the website maker to analyze the traffic and how people are viewing or using your content. The free version of this too is enough for a regular person as it provides 10 thousand links and 500 customized URLs. But still, if you want the paid version, then you can buy that too. The paid version offers unlimited URLs. If you run a business, then you must buy the paid version as it will help you in tracking and monitoring, which will help you in taking the next steps for your business profit.


This link shortener seems to be an alternative for the Google URL shortener. This URL shortener is an open-source tool. The people who have a computer and technical knowledge, must try this wonderful tool. There is a settings section on this tool, which helps the technical persons to adjust the tool according to their taste and preferences.

The technical persons cannot rely on the very basic settings; they need to alter the settings with respect to their choice, that is why this tool is suitable for them. POLR provides a trial in the beginning; they offer their demo page to take a trial either you like them too or not.


Use the above-mentioned link shortener tools to convert the long URL into a short one which attracts the audience and does monitoring with this. These URL shorteners provide the best alternative to the google URL shorteners. Try these out by yourself as experience teaches you well rather than the reviews. The short URLs are amazing for your business and profit if you make the right use of such URL shortener tools. Customize the website URL with respect to your business and website needs and qualities. 

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