jQuery Content Slider A Simple jQuery Slider1

jQuery Content Slider: A Simple jQuery Slider

TouchCarousel is a simple jQuery content slider, used by top email newsletter companies, web design agencies and schools. The slider has lightweight and mobile-friendly jQuery content scroller with touch swipe for desktop and mobile. I love this jQuery content slider and had used on many client’s projects.   Features Optional keyboard navigation Smart Autoplay Each …

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Pure CSS Responsive Icons

6 Mobile Bootstrap Website Helper Layouts

Following is the list of 6 Mobile Bootstrap Website Helper Layouts. Responsive design lovers will absolutely like the layouts for making their own website’s layouts more interesting and responsive.   Pure CSS Responsive Icons Pure CSS Responsive Icons is inspired by Zurb Foundation Illustration to create responsive icons in pure css. Android Address Book replica …

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The Most Popular JQuery Image Slider 2013

There is no doubt that jQuery image slider is more and more popular in the area of web design, due to its amazing effect that is able to draw the visitor’s attention once they arrived the site. One of the most popular JQuery image sliders available is Hislider. It is a WordPress image slider maker that’s free …

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jQuery Mobile Official jQuery Mobile Development Framework

15 Tips for jQuery Mobile Development

jQuery Mobile is a unified UI for mobile platforms such as Windows, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone mobile devices. jQuery mobile framework gives you more flexibility to develop your websites that fits on every mobile device. We are sharing 15 jQuery Mobile Development Tips here, enjoy the tips 🙂   1. Use jQuery Mobile to Build …

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Raphaël—JavaScript Library

Top JavaScript Animation Frameworks To Use

It is very hard to achieve animations and effects with minimal overheads while you’re using JavaScript. But we are sharing top JavaScript animation frameworks to use in your projects that will allowed you to instantly apply animations with ease. Also check out our related post “Free jQuery Animation Plugins“.   Scriptio Scriptio helps you to …

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jNewsticker - jQuery News Ticker

Best Free & Premium jQuery News Ticker Plugins

News ticker referred to as a continuous slide that grabs the news and display it. You also have noticed a news line in the lower third section of a television news network that is dedicated to show minor pieces of news and headlines. We can also use news tickers in our websites to present headlines. …

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Best JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile Web Development

If you’re starting out new website or web app, here are our top selections of best JavaScript frameworks for mobile web development. The frameworks we will mention below has some common features such as optimized for touch screen devices, cross-platform, and uses new CSS3 and HTML5 standards. Let’s check them out.   jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized …

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Top jQuery Social Network Plugins

In our previous article, 14 Joomla Social Networking Extensions we shared something about the Joomla platform. Means these extensions can only work with Joomla CMS. But here, we came up with something general that you can use anywhere whether you’re having the websites with Custom PHP or using any platform that supports jQuery. Having something …

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Best jQuery Image & Media Plugins

In the following list of best jQuery image and media plugins, you will find the many awesome plugins to handle image galleries and other kinds of media like audio or video. Following are the popular and top rated plugins to apply any kind of effects, animation and other type of stuff on images. Here is …

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Content Timeline

Best jQuery Timeline Plugins & Scripts

Whenever you will think about a timeline, just one thing will come to your mind and that is Facebook Timeline on the wall. Facebook’s timeline layout is very good to display a collection of events or occasions in chronological order. But it doesn’t mean that “Timeline” is the property of Facebook :). You can also …

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