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Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Wordpress Plugins | 1 comment

WordPress: Supplement Your Buddypress Website with Top 10 Plugins

WordPress: Supplement Your Buddypress Website with Top 10 Plugins

Buddypress is a very famous plugin that has the ability to enable a lot of components for people to communicate with other people on your WordPress website. By default, Buddypress comes with many features including WordPress blogging, discussion forums, extensible groups, private messaging, friend connections, extended profiles and activity streams.

The whole thing looks dandy until you enable all the features, which leads on an initial user interest that may boost your website in terms of traffic. But it is possible that your site will suddenly start to lose steam in the adoptions process with a fierce of new features and the site is going down.

Let’s say, You have a launched a Buddypress website. In one month, you’ll notice that your site’s traffic is going up. You are getting new registered members per day, for example, 4 members per day in the first week, then 3 per day, and two members in the last week. It may probably happen that many members is not coming back to your site.

This is happening to you because the culprit of this uninspired growth is featured overloaded (typically), which might confuse your site’s visitors as they are presented with the tools that they are not able to use. But you shouldn’t worry, because luckily you can find many plugins to help your site traffic follow the shape of the exponential growth curve instead.

That’s why I’m sharing top 10 WordPress plugins to supplement your BuddyPress site.

10. Gravity Forms

This plugin lets your build and publish forms in just minutes on your WordPress site via a drag and drop interface. You can easily insert any form input element and easily embed forms your WorPress website.

9. W3 Total cache

W3 Total Cache is the only performance optimization plugin for WordPress that is designed to improve page speed and user experience. You can get rid of heavy burden on your server by using this awesome cache plugin.

8. XCloner – Backup and Restore

With Xcloner WordPress plugin, you can backup your entire site including MYSQL easily. You can also schedule the backup process. It is an effective and simple solution to backup your WordPress site.

7. WP Super Popup

If you want to promote something on your site when a visitor enters the site. WP Super Popup will help you to accomplish that task using a prominent pop up with WYSIWYG editor.

6. HeadSpace2 SEO

HeadSpace2 SEO is a very good WordPress SEO plugin for better search engine optimization. Beside search engine optimization, it also lets you to smoothly embed page specific JavaScript & CSS, like Google Analytics code, Mint statistic code etc, without touching a line of code in your function.php.

5. BuddyPress Template Pack

If you theme doesn’t support BuddyPress, then BuddyPress Template Pack WordPress plugin will help you add support to existing WordPress theme. Don’t ask how because it will help you through the precess step by step until your WordPress theme is not able to display and manage all BuddyPress content and pages.

4. WP-FB AutoConnect

If you don’t want the typical WordPress method for registration and signin, then use WP-FB AutoConnect plugin. This

plugin will allow you to add a widget that lets readers login to your WordPress site via their Facebook account. It doesn’t mean that widget will not allow you to login via WordPress credentials, obviously it will.

3. BP Labs

Many people don’t know about BP Labs WordPress plugins. Although this BuddyPress extension clearly states that it’s in beta state. This plugin works with your commenting system with the “What’s New” activity status box.

2. Achievements for WordPress

If you want to reward and encourage members of your BuddyPress community to participate, Achievements for WordPress will allow you add points, badges and challenges. It is amazing for attracting your site’s visitors.

1. Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack for BuddyPress is a good plugin when a users registers on your website, then this plugin will automatically send them a group or friend invitation

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  1. Great list! The FB Auto connect plugin will be of great help to me. Thanks 🙂

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