Staying Online: Your Guide to Optimal Business Tech

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, there have been a number of tech outages that have damaged companies and their clients. Some of these have now risen to prominence as examples of how not to manage your businesses’ tech affairs. Others are a warning, showing you where cybersecurity breaches are likely to occur, or what your firm can do differently to optimize its tech stack. This piece is about doing just that: optimizing and protecting your digital systems for the challenges of the coming year. 


The job of a cybersecurity professional or a data protection officer is never completed. Just as you dash to plug a gap in your digital infrastructure, hackers and cybercriminals that produce malware and ransomware will be looking at new backdoors and weak spots in the digital systems of the firms they wish to hack. It’s your job, as a manager, to keep an eye on these developments, and to ensure that you’re always using the most up-to-date software to protect your firm from breaches and hacks in the future. This is one of the most common causes of tech outages – and it’s entirely avoidable, if you put the right measures in place. 

IT Support

Small and medium-sized businesses are always short on tech knowledge and expertise. Not only is this knowledge rare, but it’s expensive – so it’s no surprise that you’ve failed to lure a high-ranking tech executive to work at your firm. In their absence, it’s imperative that you use an outsourced agency to help with your IT support, should your systems ever experience issues. Use Online Computers and online services to help you maintain connectivity throughout your firm – and with customers – throughout this winter and into 2021. 

Staff Training

Your staff can also be the hapless source of malware intrusions and tech glitches, accidentally saving the wrong files in the wrong places, exposing your network to hackers, or mistakenly locking programs that they are unaware of how to unlock. This story is repeated time and again across US businesses – and can cost many thousands of dollars in lost productivity. To avoid these eventualities, it’s important that your staff are trained in digital literacy. Make sure they have cybersecurity basics in the forefront of their minds as they work, and that they’re familiar with the digital programs they use to produce work – from home, or in the office. 


Finally, a word on simplifying your tech stack. Most firms today operate with subscriptions to many different tech firms, which offer them a litany of different programs. Not only does this represent a nightmare for your due diligence teams, but it’s difficult for your staff to navigate between different systems and programs – especially when working from home. The solution to this relative chaos is to reduce the noise, centralize your systems, and reduce your tech stack to the bare minimum number of programs you need to perform your work responsibly in 2020 and into 2021. 

Use these tips to optimize your firm’s performance when it comes to digital systems and IT services. 

Duan Lingxin

Content crafter and chief editor at Scratching Info. Also regular contributor on other major online tech platforms. Security Specialist by day and a writer by night, he does his best to instill his knowledge about tech while delivering inspiring and life changing resources through his writing,

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