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Security Ninja is another mind blowing plugin from Web Factory that dedicates itself to make your site more secure than ever. In this article, you will see how your WordPress security is not up to the mark. This plugin provides you the complete list of test results which will help to make your site secure to hacking. Security Ninja doesn’t ensure a hack-proof site. It lets you know where your site needs to be updated and restricted. If you are a developer, it will be a cake walk for you to make your site hack proof with this plugin completely. If you are not a developer, you can hire someone and avoid paying for the site scan; it’s already done by this plugin.


The plugin offers more than just the site scanning. If you have the event logger add-on, you will be able to see what your fellow authors and admins are doing on your site. Also, if someone tries to log in, event logger captures their IP addresses and stores them for you. It also tells you if someone was able to log into your admin panel, your authors have posted or updated an article without your knowledge. Useful! Read more about the add-on few lines below.

When the plugin is activated successfully, you will see an extra menu option, Security Ninja, under the tools tab in your WordPress admin dashboard (hover your curser over the tools tab). Click on this “Security Ninja” menu item. Now you are in the Security Ninja Plugin panel, from where you can control, scan and view all the file manipulations, post updates, installations, and much more without leaving the dashboard.


It’s better to keep your site in an air-tight container, rather than to cry and search for a WordPress expert to recover your site. Site recovery will cost you more than $1000 while Security Ninja is completely free. It’s your choice.



Security Ninja can perform more than 40 different security tests. All you have to do is to click a button and the rest will be done by the ninja. After the scan, you will get detailed results which will be accompanied by tips and suggestion on security improvement. To further improve the security, you will also be interested in Security Ninja add-ons:

Core Scanner add-on (Scans the WordPress Core and delivers the results.)

Core scanner will show some advanced results. It scans the WordPress core files and throws backs the results. It shows if your core files were updated or if someone has inserted an exploit. Not only it shows the results, but it also shows how you can restore them easily.

All the restoration process is carried out by a one-click process. You don’t need to log into your C-Panel or something like that. You just have to click on the restore files button, and everything will be back to normal.

Scheduled Scanner add-on(Semi-automatic site scanning option. Just configure it for once, it will repeat the process afterward.)

Scheduled scanner is what makes this plugin so useful. It is hard for anyone to manually scan a whole website and then get the result in a chunky PHP code bundle. Security Ninja’s Scheduled scanner add-on helps you to configure automatic site scan after a set time of intervals. You won’t even need to log into your site. All the results will be delivered right to your e-mail address. You can view the results via your smartphone on the go. That’s nifty and less time consuming.

Events logger add-on (Tracks user activity, files + Themes installation, posts updates, Plugins mods or install, Login attempts, and user registrations.)

Events logger is helpful no matter what. If your site is a multi-author blog or you are the one-man army, this cool add-on will help you to keep a complete track of your WordPress site. It will show you every single detail of things going under the hood.

It shows you:

– If someone tried to log in to your admin panel without permissions.

– If someone updated your themes or plugins.

– If fellow authors updated any posts pages.

– If someone uploaded/downloaded something to your site.

– New user registrations.

– Comment approval, modification, denial, or deletion.

– Any modification done to the site’s interface elements.

– The list goes on….

It also shows you the IP address of the person who tried to bring your site down so you can permanently ban them using your web hosting panel. If an author updated a post or page, it shows the time and date, and also the post that was updated. You can revert the changes whenever you wish.

It keeps a good track of the media directory. If someone tried to upload media to your site without yourself approving the upload, you could delete the image as event logger will show the link to the media file that was uploaded.

Sometimes, your fellow authors become shady and approve a few spam comments. If so, Events Logger will track the comments, and you can delete or modify them as soon as possible. Now you don’t need to look for the revised or approved comment manually, you can just click on the comment link provided to you by event logger and do the right thing.

Malware Scanner (Fights all harmful content found on your site)

The last add-on can help you with malicious files. Its robust scanning algorithm will test all files found on your server and will check them for suspicious content. You never know when you might have uploaded a ZIP file which contained something malicious.

If Security Ninja can solve just one problem on your site, you will be aware that the plugin is priceless. Still, the plugin is now completely free, and you can download it from the WordPress plugin repository. What are you waiting for – download Security Ninja and protect your website!

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