How to Save Contact Form 7 Submitted Messages With Flamingo

You already know about Contact Form 7, the best free Contact Form plugin for WordPress. Also, you know how to use Contact Form 7 in WordPress as the settings for the plugin are self explanatory. The best thing about Contact Form 7 is that many developers have created several extensions for Contact Form 7 to enhance the functionality of the plugin.

For example, if you want to integrate reCaptcha to Contact Form 7 you can use this extension here. For min-length of textfields in Contact Form 7, we have this extension here. As it is, there are many other add-ons for different purposes.

In this post, we’re going to discuss another plugin “Flamingo” that is not an extension for contact form 7, but it will automatically work with the plugin. Contact form 7, by default, doesn’t store messages anywhere. Contact form just helps us to allow users to send emails to us. But, it is possible that the mail is lost. This is a big issue.

But now you can fix this issue with Flamingo. Just install Flamingo plugin after installing Contact Form 7 plugin. Whenever a user will submit a message via contact form, the message will be displayed inside your Flamingo’s admin screen.

Screenshot after Installing Flamingo


Screenshot for the message that a user has submitted

For messages, go to Flamingo -> Inbound Messages.


One more thing is that, the user’s email will also be stored in Flamingo -> Address Book section. Check the screenshots below:



Now we can easily store contact form 7’s submitted messages in our WordPress’ admin dashboard. If you have any question, comment below.

Duan Lingxin

Duan Lingxin

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3 thoughts on “How to Save Contact Form 7 Submitted Messages With Flamingo”

  1. Thanks for mentioning the Flamingo plugin. Its export feature is actually fairly solid, and most of the fields you create (custom fields) export into the spreadsheet as well. Also, thanks for including the screen shots to help make things easier.

  2. Hi,
    the plugin works fine and captures the messages. however, the address book doesn’t capture the name and email addresses. thats a bit inconvenient for the overview of the messages (because they are all anonymous in the overview)
    would be grateful for a hint. thanks


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