Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Did you know that over 60% of your customers are likely to purchase a product after watching a video? Are you aware that by 2021, video traffic will account for 82% of all internet traffic? More studies have shown that over 50% of website visitors will look for product/service videos before they visit a brick and mortar store. With such statistics, business owners cannot ignore the power of video marketing.

Today, every brand; big and small need a video marketing strategy to stay on top. Your potential visitors are already subscribing to content and they expect your business to provide video content. Since this form of content is easy to consume and highly preferred by visitors and search engines, it would be foolish for your business to stick to text and image-based marketing techniques.

Marketing Videos Explain Everything

One of the reasons your business needs to go the video marketing way is because video can explain everything about your product or services. Whether you’re launching or promoting an existing product, an explainer video is the best option. 90% of the customers who convert attest to watching a video. Using an explainer video on a homepage will give you excellent results where conversions are concerned. If you’re trying to sell a difficult concept or service, an animated video can hack better than text.

Search Engines and Google Love Videos

With a video on your website, you increase the average stay time on your site. If search engines notice that visitors spend a long time on your site, they will perceive your website as an authority. As such, you enjoy high rankings. If you have a video embedded on your landing or homepage, chances are that Google will give your site a top position in search results. If you host your video on a platform such as YouTube, Google will give you a head start over your competitors.

Video Builds Trust

Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be another detailed plan on paper. You need to bring in elements that breathe life into it. Potential visitors tend to gravitate towards a brand that uses video to make a customer’s journey lively. At the same time, video helps to foster real and authentic interactions with your audience. With video, you can trigger emotions and people will listen to your brand stories. Eventually, they will remember your products/services every time they need a solution to their problems.

Video Builds Better Engagement

If your business website is registering a high bounce rate, you need to consider video as a way of building better customer engagement. For instance, an explainer video helps in breaking down complex product information. This gives site visitor’s reasons to stay longer on your site. Arguably, a video on your site prompts a visitor to stay 2 times longer compared to a video-less page. Remember, videos on social media platforms tend to enhance user engagement by over 30 %.

Video Aids Conversion

Videos are not just for entertainment purposes. When you introduce a video on your page, it boosts the conversion rates significantly. A product based video has a huge significance, since it helps a buyer to understand more about the product or service they want to pay for. Videos indeed stimulate your visual sense and it’s. The best tool you can employ to funnel your visitors to the check-off stage. After all, any video you create helps you to grow sales by over 50 %.

Today, businesses need to view video marketing as a tool that assists the sales department to find, connect and convince customers to make a sale. Since its effective in supporting and delighting customers throughout the lead-to-sales process, it should be a must-have for every business that yearns for better ROI.

Reach Potential Customers through Social Media Videos

Given that video is one of the most shared elements across the internet (YouTube in particular) your business needs to prioritise in video marketing. Even though it might seem like an expensive proposition for some, it pays off significantly. As long as your target audience resonates with the content of your video, your business enjoys more traffic and higher conversions. If you haven’t thought about video marketing for your small or established venture, you’re likely to miss out on leads, higher conversions and exceptional customer engagement.

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