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Posted by on Aug 18, 2013 in Wordpress Tutorials | 1 comment

Rate WordPress Posts/Pages With Ajax Thumbs Up/Down

Rate WordPress Posts/Pages With Ajax Thumbs Up/Down

A rating is the act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of or assessment of something, in terms of quantity and quality, or some combination both.

If you are using WordPress CMS, you will love to add a rating system across your posts and allow visitors to rate your content. Benefit of using WordPress rating system is that you will know what type of content users are liking or what not. That’s why I was forced to write down the tutorial for integrating the best rating system in WordPress. By following up this tutorial, your site’s visitors will be able to rate WordPress posts/pages with Ajax thumbs up/down rating.

Let’s start. First download this plugin and activate it. After activation navigate to Settings -> WTI Like Post menu. Here you will find lot of options to configure, I’m going through each option so you can understand what to do.

Remove plugin settings and table on plugin un-install: Select Yes/No whether the plugin settings and table will be removed when you uninstall the plugin.

Voting Period: Select the voting period after which user can vote again. Default option is “Always can vote”.

Voting Style: The plugin has 3 default styles to choose. You can choose any option you want.

Login required to vote: Select whether only logged in users can vote or not.

Login required message: Message to show in case login.

Thank you message: Message to show after successful.

Already voted message: Message to show if user has already voted.

Show on pages: Select yes if you want to show the like option on pages as well.

Exclude on selected sections: Check the sections where you do not want to avail the like/dislike options. This has higher priority than the “Exclude post/page IDs” setting.

Exclude selected categories: Select categories where you do not want to show the like option. It has higher priority than “Exclude post/page IDs” setting.

Allow post IDs: Suppose you have a post which belongs to more than one categories and you have excluded one of those categories. So the like/dislike will not be available for that post. Enter comma separated those post ids where you want to show the like/dislike option irrespective of that post category being excluded.

Exclude post/page IDs: Enter comma separated post/page ids where you do not want to show the like option. If Show on pages setting is set to Yes but you have added the page id here, then like option will not be shown for the same page.

Show excluded posts/pages on widget: Select yes if you want to show the excluded posts/pages on widget.

Position Setting: Select the position where you want to show the like options.

Alignment Setting: Select the alignment whether to show on left or on right.

Title text for like/unlike images: Enter both texts separated by “/” to show when user puts mouse over like/unlike images.

Show dislike option: Select the option whether to show or hide the dislike option.

Show +/- symbols: Select the option whether to show or hide the plus or minus symbols before like/unlike count.

After all configurations save the options. Now go the frontend of your website. Inside posts you will find the rating system like below.

rate wordpress posts

Conclusion: Now you can easily integrate an Ajaxed rating system or thumb rating system to your WordPress site. If you have any question, comment below.

1 Comment

  1. I think the wp plugin is good, I will try to use Ajax Thumbs Up/Down Rating one of my blog, thanks for the details.

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