Proven Methods to Make Money on Instagram

No one could argue that Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms right now and it is expected to continue growing. It has created a whole new market – some people are capable of making a living from this network alone. 

So there is a chance to generate a significant from Instagram without even being a celebrity or influencer. You don’t have to post your personal photos or reveal your identity and broadcast every aspect of your private life in Stories to do that. For those of you who see potential in this platform and would like to make some money, we definitely recommend taking a look at these 10 sure-fire tactics how to monetize Instagram. It will help you to get a better understanding of how this could work.

We also recommend continuing reading this article, because we’ll reveal some proven methods to monetize Instagram.


Grow and Sell Instagram Accounts

Instagram accounts are like digital real estate. The more followers you have, the larger the value of your digital real estate is. You might think, who would want to buy an Instagram account? Well, there are a lot of businesses willing to pay good money for established Instagram accounts. You see, by purchasing an account that already has a decent amount of followers business makes a shortcut and avoids building a new account from scratch. That would take a lot of hard work and time, and business is interested to get dividends right away.

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As we have mentioned, you don’t have to build the account based on your person – it can be themed on anything you like. However, it is important that the account has a clear topic because that’s the only way to build a targeted audience that is interested in something. For instance, it can be luxury cars, architecture, motivation to study/work, etc. The business is interested in a specific audience that would be potentially interested in their services.

As for building an audience, there are several methods you can use. Probably the most common one is “follow/unfollow” method. Usually, it is automated with software that automatically follows other users and then unfollows them after some time. The user gets a notification that you have followed him and is likely to check out your profile. If he likes the content you are posting, he might actually follow you. So this doesn’t require a lot of time, because the process is automated. You only have to make sure that images/videos on your account are attractive and you are targeting the right audience.

Another method requires more of your time but might be more efficient and grow your followers count faster. You can post a lot of content with proper tags and simply be active on Instagram by commenting/following other users to get noticed.

If you are wondering what kind of money we are talking about, so 1k followers nowadays cost around 10 bucks. Let’s say you manage to grow your Instagram account to 150 000 followers and decide to sell it – you could expect to make around $1500. Selling Instagram account is not that difficult, because there are dedicated websites for this where you can simply post a classified ad.

Create Content and Monetize it

Influencers on Instagram are making a living by creating content and making paid partnerships with various brands to promote products. You don’t have to be a super famous influencer with thousands of followers to land a deal – there are nano influencers that have as few as 1000 followers

So making an influence on others with your authority and getting paid for that is one way to make money on Instagram, but surely not the only one. You can make money by monetizing your audience directly, without the intervention of business.

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You can set up a website or e-shop and drive traffic from Instagram to it. Again, the topic of your website should match the theme of the Instagram profile you are using. Otherwise, conversions will not be great, to say the least. Also, you shouldn’t be too obvious about your intentions to sell something – users expect engaging content in the first place and sorts out hidden advertisements really quick. 

If setting up a website looks too complicated for you, you can avoid that and sell something right on Instagram. In addition to that, you can sell shoutouts or make paid posts. 

Don’t forget that once your account gets big, you should invest in it too. There is a need to always be growing to be successful, so buying some shoutouts to expand your audience is a wise thing to do. However, don’t sweat the followers’ number since the quality is still more important than quantity. While choosing a partner, always check the engagement of their posts, because some of those followers can be fake.

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