Display a Printable Version of Your WordPress Blog’s Posts/Pages

It would be great to have print button icon inside your WordPress posts, so users can print your content and read offline or use it for their assignments or thesis. In internet terminology, a printable version of a HTML page is a simplified version of the webpage, which is rendered without nothing except what you needed. Printed versions of the web pages may have images and text.

If you didn’t every tried to create a printable version of your post/page. Then this tutorial will teach you how you can display a printable version of wordpress blog’s posts/pages. For using this functionality, download the plugin from here and activate it.

After plugin’s activation, go to Settings -> Print menu. Here you will find options to configure.

Print Text Link For Post: Enter the text which will be displayed with print icons inside posts.

Print Text Link For Page: Enter the text which will be displayed with print icons inside pages.

Print Icon: Select one print icon from the two default ones.

Print Text Link Style: Dropdown has 4 options; Print Icon with Text Link, Print Icon Only, Print Text Link Only and Custom.

Print Comments?: If you also want to print comments of posts or pages then select “Yes” else select “No”.

Print Links?: If you want to print links then select “Yes”.

Print Images?: If you want to print images then select “Yes”.

Print Videos?: If you need videos’ snapshots in print version select “Yes”.

Disclaimer/Copyright Text?: In this textarea, enter the text or HTML for copyright.

After going through all options, hit “Save Changes” button.

Integrate in Template

Now open the files where you want to add the print icon. Normally, open single.php and page.php and search for the following code:

[code type=”php”]
while(have_posts()) : the_post();

Below the above code and above the line “endwhile;” put the following code:

[code type=”php”]
<?php if(function_exists(‘wp_print’)) { print_link(); } ?>

Integrate Via Shortcode

You can also use shortcode. Just paste “[print_link]” in the specific post or page as you want.

print wordpress posts

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