Prepare your site for 2015 with those 10 free WordPress themes

As the years pass by very quickly and we are always caught in our each day work, we need to get prepared for everything in the future and be even more effective with every minute. 2015 is already here and you need to make plans for what you want to reach this year. If you have a business or if you want to start one, you just have to pick a way to make it famous and to let many people know about it. And for that, the internet is the key of the present.

Everyone who wants to run a business has to present it in an attractive way to the people and future clients. All you need for getting known in your field is a website. Every website is original in its own way, that’s why you have to get ready for creating a great one for your brand. And one of the most important parts in this process is the theme you choose to represent it. The theme is the interface that makes the connection between you and your clients. So it has to be picked carefully. The way you introduce yourself to the others is gonna make you successful or not.

For now, I made a top with some free beautiful and useful themes that can help you grow your business in 2015. They are from different fields and they have various options, designs and features. And, most of all, they are free! So you don’t have to worry about the prices.


1. Zerif Lite

A single-page theme, with an interactive design and a full-width background image. It’s perfect for small businesses. It has a simple white menu bar at the top, and the sections are colorful. Overall, Zerif Lite has an elegant design, that will help you promote your work. It’s fully responsive and has an easy contact functionality. If you are a creative, you can post your portfolio here.



2. Lawyeria Lite

This theme looks very professional and organized. The information is well arranged into specific and classic blocks that will help the visitors easily find the things they’re looking for. The theme has a responsive layout, it’s customizable with various color schemes and has a configurable homepage. With Lawyeria you can be sure your website will look clean and no important information will be left out. Also, it has a friendly contact form, so you can instantly receive your clients’ messages.



3. Constructzine Lite

A minimalist and elegant theme, created for small businesses. At the first look, you’ll notice a clean design with simply organized sections. The main colors and black and white, and the entire template is created to show the content first, not to catch the eye with the visual elements. The theme is responsive and has social menus and custom page templates, so you can personalize it.




4. Dazzling

A great theme, with a full-width slider and a simple white design! Being modern and catchy, it fits best blogs, creative and travel websites. It has a gallery section, where you can post your portfolio. If you also need a nice theme for your personal use, then this one can be a great choice. Dazzling is responsive and translation ready.



5. BookRev Lite

A theme especially created for book, music album or movie reviews. It can be used by libraries or online stores. The page is widgetized and interactive, with recent posts and comments, latest and top products, archives and calendar. It has also social buttons and it’s responsive.



6. Garfunkel

A Pinterest-style theme for bloggers, great for everyone who wants to skip the classic blog look and try something even more interesting. The posts are placed just like the Pinterest pictures, but they have texts too. So you can call it a Pinterest blog. The articles are showing up gradually when you scroll down. The theme is responsive and retina ready and has custom widgets and custom page templates.



7. I Am One

The modern appearance, the parallax homepage slider with a full-width size and the colorful design make this theme very attractive and catchy. Created from one single-page, the theme has very informative sections that slide from one to another when you scroll down. The blog has its separate page. Also, you are able to upload your best projects here in a special portfolio section.

i am one


8. Alizee

Another Pinterest-like layout, with a minimalist design and a simple menu, with orange characters on a grey background. It is great if you use it for blogs. The theme is fully responsive and widgetized. It also has a video category for users who want to post vlogs or any other videos. Apart from the navigation menu and the header image, the rest of the page has a very light pink color.



9. Saga

A black background on which every article’s image appears like a slider. The articles are listed one under another and look like magazine covers. The menu has a single red button. Once you click on it, the categories will show up in cascade. Also, instead of images, you can use videos in posts. The theme is responsive, translation ready, supports featured images, and has an elegant design. The main characteristic is a single column layout. The online writers should take it!



10. One Engine

One single-page theme, with a colorful and interactive design. The main images are drawings filling the whole screen in multicolored backgrounds. The menu is placed under the background picture and has 8 sections. One of them is dedicated to your work, so you can show the others your creations. The transitions between sections are slowly sliding from one to another.

one engine


If you are happy with these selections and you think they are useful for many people, please share this article and let others know about these themes! Also, you can share with us your opinions and other themes you have found so far!



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