How to Manage Business Events Using Joomla Modules?

Events have become a necessity rather just being considered for entertainment. In fact, the majority of companies are concentrating on conducting events to wide spread their brand exposure among millions of users. Events can be tricky and hectic especially if you’re the person solely responsible for conducting one such for developing your business prospects.

Well, as an event manager you don’t have to worry a lot as such man-made events have almost become outdated as the advent of technology has brought in some interesting ideas to conduct and handle events effectively and efficiently. Let’s discuss how to approach event management without any hassles and bustles. If you’ve been part of a business with an online website made of Joomla CMS, then at the end of this post you’d find how to manage events successfully.

Before getting started, let’s explore some basic elements that play vital roles in the improvement of your business event.

Listed below are some of the must-have factors for your event success.


Without adequate planning the complete purpose of the event gets spoiled and it may lead to its failure so easily. Careless planning can be dangerous as it will not only ruin the event but also your reputation as an organizer. Make sure you plan well to bring forth the benefits associated with the event to make it a grand success. You can get your money’s worth only after a diligent planning.


While planning is part of event management, organizing adds more power to it. If you’ve organized the event perfectly undoubtedly the success of the event will be rewarding. Organizing an event comprises a lot of elements. Some of them include:

  • Scheduling
  • Picking venues
  • Analyze market trend
  • Marketing business logic

All these factors have to be borne in the mind whenever it comes to organizing events. Especially, scheduling and inviting guests can be hectic as it takes a lot of time and efforts to make it a huge success.


Processing is all about how you’re going to execute the plans meticulously for better results. It can be hard but if you’re an expert you could make it no job for you. It is the phase in which deciding the target audience, event setup, design concepts, etc. need to be analyzed and finalized. It requires mammoth skills and talents to process it outstandingly.


If you have planned, organized, and processed your event extraordinarily then you’re just one crucial step away from making your event a runaway hit. It’s managing the inflow and event organizing team. You may require directing audiences toward the location and at the same time have to instruct your team to handle the processing carefully. This may be really time consuming and trivial for many.

Why not outsource event organizers?

This is a million dollar question that might strike the minds of many. It’s not a bad option. However, you might still have to invest some valuable money and time on it. The first hardest part is finding the right outsourcing services and the second part is negotiating the payment with them. Though it is believed that hiring outsourcing services can bring down cost, it may still draw some serious money. So, what is the solution to make the process of event management easier, at the same time cost effective?

Of course, you have an option: Joomla Event Management Module.

As everything transforming into digital, managing your events online would be the best choice to cut down the cost and time. A better way to achieve this is by installing Joomla event management module on your website. By installing this on your website, you’ll achieve the following benefits.

  • Efficient to plan any event, meetings, and conferences online
  • Complete hassle-free management
  • Option to invite audiences via Facebook, Gmail or email to event easily
  • Google map location to direct audiences to the venue effortlessly
  • Can add categories page
  • Can export the file in CSV format
  • Well-built dashboard with complete event details for easy access

So, as an event planner you can shed all your difficulties when it comes to event management with the help of this plugin as it enables faster and smoother event handling and management for roaring success.

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