Make Your Mark – 7 Tips for Designing a Memorable Logo

Despite industry trends, the thumb rule of creating a killer logo is to keep it simple. Why? Because, a simple logo is easy to recall. However, creating a simple logo is never an easy task and calls for several factors to work together seamlessly – visual appeal, color palette, shape, and a few others. 

A successful logo is a lot like a great first impression, which lasts a lifetime. Not just an identity for your brand, a logo is also an essential tool of marketing. Here are six crucial tips for creating a memorable logo.

Realizing brand essence 

Each brand comes with its unique history and a promise to make a difference. The guiding principles and objectives that went into making your organization should be a part of your brand logo as well. For instance, if one is in the business of mineral water, it is suggested to put the focus on terms like refreshing, pure, hydrating. Next, you need to define your logo with a color. 

In this case, a mineral water producing company can choose Blue for its logo to signify water, the elixir of life. In other words, one should select the brand color to convey an idea or a message instead of picking a shade randomly. While brainstorming for a brand logo design, start with a pen and paper and jot down as many ideas that come to your mind. Exploring different tangents should spark creativity and help you get going.

Skillful use of colors 

We are going to linger on the color aspect a bit more. You must have heard of Color Psychology, the scientific model that deals with human behavior and their perception towards colors. The knowledge derived from Color Psychology is the bedrock of a vast pool of ideas to plan your design. Let’s take Red, for instance. Color psychologists associate Red with energy, love and passion. No wonder, it is the pre-defined color of Valentine’s Day. Similarly, Yellow signifies optimism and innovation. If you are into IT business, Yellow could be the right choice. 


Keeping it simple

Iconic brands like Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Mercedes, all have unique yet clean logos. Take Mercedes, for instance. Their logo is a simple three-pointed star that signifies the company’s presence across sea, air and land. Thus, one can easily distinguish them from other luxury automobile brands. Also, a simple logo has an added advantage in terms of flexibility. When your company grows, there might be a need to change your logo owing to a merger or acquisition. 

A simple structure makes it easy to mold the logo to a new form while keeping the essence of its original design intact. Creating a logo with light geometric patterns or concentric rings are an excellent way to go. Contrary to what most would like to think, creating a professional logo doesn’t have to be a tedious or expensive process. 

Never copy

 A logo that bears a resemblance to other brands, in any line of business, is hugely embarrassing. Not only such practices attract copyright disputes, but they also leave the audience confused. The brand followers tend to recall an already established business with a similar logo. Now, chances are your ideas might be clashing with someone else. To keep safe of copyright claims, always run an online search, before you go ahead finalizing your logo design.


Pick the right font 

It is only natural to be overwhelmed when in the need to pick fonts that match your brand logo. Despite a million fonts, one should never ignore the essential typography facts to make their logo stand out. For instance, if you are keen to go forward with traditional logo designs, it is recommended to use Serif. On the other hand, a modern or come of age logo is more akin towards using letterform Sans Serif. 

For different types that are more flexible or formal, one should be using Script. Let’s consider an example to understand this better. If you are running a bed and breakfast establishment, using a handwritten Script for the logo would be an appropriate choice. However, if you want to keep it traditional, Serif is the answer. Besides colors, shapes, and sizes, understanding the basics of typography is also vital to make your logo succeed.

Make it versatile

No matter how beautiful your logo is, nothing counts if it isn’t versatile enough. Right from scratch, a logo is used seamlessly across a wide range of media and applications. Since logos are scaled to a variety of sizes, it is advisable to design them in Vector format. It is highly recommended that you start designing your brand logo in black and white. 

Although essential, color is a subjective element that can distract the viewer from the very essence of the design. Another aspect to consider is the printing cost while using one or more colors in your logo. Before you check on the printing proofs, you must gain considerable knowledge of commercial printing and know the difference between Pantone, RGB, and CMYK color systems.

Use the right tools

Knowing what’s involved in designing a memorable logo is only the first step then you have to actually design it. There are many ways you can approach this, but if you want the end result to match expectations then you have to use the right tools. 

If you have graphic design skill you can try your hand at creating your own logo with logo design software applications, or you could use a professional logo designer (if you’re going to choose this option I highly recommend Upwork) the other option is using a logo creator which are automated logo design applications – you just add some details and the logo creator designs a logo based on your inputs. 


Wrap up 

Undeniably, a logo is what makes a brand stand out against others, in any line of business. Hence, one should be careful while getting their logo designed. Once your business is established and consumers start relating to your brand, it will be difficult to change it, unless necessary. So make sure to get a logo that defines your company the best.

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