9 jQuery Form Skin Plugins For Frontend Developers

If you want to get information from your visitors, then obviously you will need a form that will allow them to input their information. If you will use just simple form skin, it might not attract the visitors but forms can attract users if you are using any jQuery form skin plugin. For your easiness, in this article I’m going to share¬†9 jQuery Form Skin Plugins For Frontend Developers to style input elements on the form.


1. Custom Checkbox With jQuery

This one is a lightweight custom styled checkbox implementation for jQuery. With this plugin, you can add new checkbox events including enable, disable, check and uncheck. The plugin dynamically changes the skin. It also supports inline and jQuery attached click events.

2. jqTransform

jqTransform will allow you to skin form elements smoothly.

3. NiceForms

This plugin will replace the most commonly used form elements with custom designed skins. But it is up to you to choose default theme or you want to use your own custom designed theme.

4. File Style Plugin For jQuery

File style plugin is there to help use to style file inputs because browsers don’t let us file inputs. With this plugin you can use image as browse button and also can style filename field as normal textfield using css.

5. mcDropdown jQuery Plug-in

mcDropdown will automatically scrolls into viewport when opened. Menus are positioned to always stay on the screen. The plugin will bend a text input field or div to a list element.

6. jquery.combobox

Create unrobust HTML type combobox from an existing select element. It works the same with all type of forms and server side form processing. You can still enjoy select html control. It supports keyboard navigation also with control over style of combobox using CSS

7. jQuery “Highlight”

With jQuery Highlight plugin, form filling can be made clearer by highlighting the html elements around any type of control. You can display table rows visible on mouse over or click. You can also toggle elements as you click them.

8. Create Stunning Skype Like Buttons via jQuery

Now you can create stunning Skype like buttons for your forms.

9. prettyCheckboxes

prettyCheckboxes jQuery plugin is the only choice for those who want their form’s checkboxes to look better and look consistent on all major browsers.

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