jQuery Content Slider: A Simple jQuery Slider

TouchCarousel is a simple jQuery content slider, used by top email newsletter companies, web design agencies and schools. The slider has lightweight and mobile-friendly jQuery content scroller with touch swipe for desktop and mobile. I love this jQuery content slider and had used on many client’s projects.



  • Optional keyboard navigation
  • Smart Autoplay
  • Each slide item can have any HTML content and can be of any size
  • Mouse drag & drop navigation
  • Customizable UI
  • Configurable items per snapping and scroll
  • On one page, you can create multiple carousles with different skins
  • 4 unique skins
  • Fast CSS3 Transitions
  • Fluid width of carosel of free-scroll mode
  • Physicas-based scrolling

Advanced Features for Developers

These guidelines are just for advanced users not for beginners.

  • Touch navigation can be removed by using a specific class
  • Understand the difference b/w drag and click. Use links calmly
  • On touch devices don’t block default browser scroll



jQuery Content Slider A Simple jQuery Slider1 jQuery Content Slider A Simple jQuery Slider2 jQuery Content Slider A Simple jQuery Slider3 jQuery Content Slider A Simple jQuery Slider4

Duan Lingxin

Duan Lingxin

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