10 Free Joomla WYSIWYG Editor Extensions

Editors in terms of website is an application for creating web pages. Editors provide an editing appearance which resembles how the page should be shown in a web browser. More interesting face is that you may not required any HTML knowledge when you are working with web editors. In this article, I’m sharing best and top 10 Free Joomla WYSIWYG Editor Extensions.


10. Xinha

Xinha is a new and powerful WYSIWYG editor for Joomla platform. It is translated into over 30 languages and also has lot of handy plugins. After installing, you can enable the plugin from the plugin settings.

9. MarkItUp HTML Editor Pro

MarkItUp HTML Editor Pro also has HTML5 tag support and give you full control to change HTML code. If you want to add dummy content, for example, “Lorem Ipsum” the extension has the generator that instantly add the dummy data. It also has 112 drag and drop buttons which you can place anywhere.

8. MarkItUp HTML Editor Free

MarkItUp HTML Editor Free plugin includes ul, li, image, h1 – h6, delete, anchor, paragraph, strong tags with 15 HTML buttons for easy addition to your content.

7. ACE (Advanced Code Editor)

Wtih ACE Joomla plugin you will access ton of editing functionality with many languages. For syntax highlighting, you can also use different themes.

6. yoonique[.]net Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor for Joomla is very feasible for writing and reading content. This plugin is made up by markItUP[3] editor.

5. RokPad

RokPad Joomla editor is built on ACE editor that supports plain text, xml, php, sql, LESS, json, javascript, html and css. It also has shortcodes and universal tag insertion.

4. CKEditor

CKEditor is Joomla components that enables CKEditor in you site’s admin side. It is an online rich text editor that can be embedded and used inside any web page.

3. JCE

JCE a Joomla editor plugin has support for link & file handling, advanced images or media and easy interface for editor configuration.

2. JCK Editor

JCK Editor is the only responsive and feature-rich Joomla plugin that also supports Joomla 3.0 version. It can manage your files in once place, state of the art integration, super fast performance and customizable interface.

1. Artof Editor

Artof Editor for Joomla has the option to choose a different editing toolbar for backend and frontend users.

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