20 Free Joomla Weather Forecast Extensions

Weather forecasting gives us the state of the atmosphere for a given location by using latest technology. Weather forecast analysts sample the condition of the fluid at a given time frame and estimate the state of fluid at some time in the future by using equations of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Joomla also has few good extensions which uses API’s to collect information. In this article, you will find 20 Free Joomla Weather Forecast Extensions to integrate in Joomla.


Z Weather

Z Weather uses National Weather Service of the United States to display weather information for U.S cities and territories.

Weather GK4

Weather GK4 is a Joomla module for displaying weather conditions. You can get weather forecast from any place in the world.


RokWeather a Joomla module has graphical representation, location chooser where you will type the desired location, temperature units, multiple readings to show humidity, wind speed etc, and cookie control options.


MambWeather Joomla module has the ability to get live weather forecast from over 7000 official weather stations. It is easy to implement and has support of multi languages. It uses public NOAA weather information from any location around the world.

VTEM Weather

VTEM Weather Joomla modules uses Yahoo! weather to getting weather reading.

Long Term Weather Forecast

Long Term Weather Forecast is a Joomla module which display long term detail weather information from the yr.no weather service via their API.


JextWeather Joomla module utilizes XML export of the weather forecast from co.ua. You can get current and future forecast information easily.


GlobeWeather Joomla module has many amazing features to get weather forecast.

DWD Wettermodul

DWD Wettermodul Joomla module has many advantages including easy selection of the displayed parameter, 3 different layouts, qualified predictions, actual values, cache and data retrieval through FTP server.

Weather Widget by TickWidget

Weather Widget by TickWidget allows user to view weather data of their location on your Joomla website.

Weather Widget FX

You can integrate Joomla Weather Widget FX in any Joomla website. You can easily customize height & width of the entire application. It also supports Celsius and Fahrenheit.

JL Weather

JL Weather Joomla module has ability to specify the name of individual city and can also display the weather for multiple cities at a time.

Easy Weather Forecast

Easy Weather Forecast has best weather widget support with over 60 different languages. The Joomla module gets data from Google Weather.

Solar Terrestrial Data

Solar Terrestrial Data Joomla module gets all weather related data from NONBH.

Aviation WX

Aviation WX module displays specified airports weather in ‘taf-‘ and ‘metar-‘ code.

MeteoWidget 3bmeteo

MeteoWidget 3bmeteo publish weather forecasts from 3BMeteo, and also available in French, German, English and Italian.

Scorpion Buienradar

Distinguished call for the Dutch and Belgian market because this module makes use of information from Buienradar.nl and they are gerricht this gebeied.

Goldweather Weather Widget

Goldweather Weather Widget uses iframes to place a weather map of any specific county into your Joomla powered website.

Radio Propagations

Radio Propagations displays geomagnetic field and d-region absorption prediction.

Xpert Weather

Xpert Weather has ability to show/hide weather icons, wind condition, humidity, city and support 2 temperature units.

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