Joomla Responsive Design Is Huge

If you want a Joomla website with a responsive design, you need to keep in mind a few specific items. From images to the right template to fluid site layouts, you need to have a mobile strategy based around the elements you will find in a website.


Joomla Responsive Design Templates

The best defense is always a good offense. To have a good offense, you need to have a stellar template to set a solid base for your responsive design. While most Joomla templates these days are responsive out of the box, you can still encounter some that are not.

“The problem is that so many designers and developers have not caught up to the idea of creating responsive design themes,” says Gev Balyan, founder of Bang2Joom. “Our Joomla Templates,” he continues, “were built with responsive ready designs, because our customers want them. They know that their customers are checking out their site on their smartphones and tablets.”

Three years ago, a site could get away with not having a mobile ready theme, but now you need to keep up with the competition.If you are not a coder, responsive Joomla templates are essential if you want to keep your mobile visitors happy.

30% of the Alexa 10000 sites are mobile optimized and responsive ready as of last year, according to SiteProNews, and that number is growing. Consider the fact that there are now as many users accessing their phones to reach the internet as there are computer users, and you see the massive potential for mobile ready Joomla themes.

Joomla Responsive Design Images

A major component of a Web 3.0 site, as per Tim Berners-Lee definition are “scalable vector graphics.”For our purposes, we are referring to the use of SVG for images. This means images that fit any size browser.

Text is easy to resize. Since the dawn of word processors, we have been changing fonts, font sizes, and other text elements quickly and easily. However, images have always presented a problem, because images that are resized at will sometimes get distorted and funky. Make an image larger, and it will pixelate. Stretch an image without constraining its proportions and you get the magic fun mirror look from the carnival. This is why solutions that allow images to adjust their size are so important.

A few tips for images:

  • Use media queries in your style sheet to create  
    responsive images:
    • <code><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen and 
      (max-device-width: 320px)" href="/mobile.css" /></code>
  • ·Use Responsive Design Galleries when possible. Joomla has a number of extensions like the Responsive Photo Gallery which automatically make images responsive.
  • Use SVG images when possible, because they are browser supported responsive image formats. Free online tools like allow you to convert your PNG and JPEG files into SVGs.

Joomla Responsive Design Layout

You cannot have a rigid layout if your theme needs to be responsive. You need a flexible, fluid layout that will adjust itself based on the device your visitors are using. From small smartphone screens to regular sized desktop layouts, the space available to display your website’s contents can vary dramatically.

To do this right, you need to have solid HTML and CSS stylesheets for various browser sizes. The site will detect the screen size, and change the site design and layout accordingly. If you are not a programmer, you buy responsive themes that do all this for you. Otherwise, you will sit there coding the site for tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers for hours on end. This is a prospect most small business owners would be lost learning, and fearful of trying.

How are you preparing your Joomla Responsive Design Sites?

The future of mobile marketing is here. In today’s age, you are not able to get away from the idea that your site will be accessed by a wide range of visitors from an even wider range of devices. As mentioned earlier in the post the best defense is a good offense. To do that, you must spend the time, creating a responsive design Joomla site that both mobile and desktop visitors will appreciate.

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