11 Free Joomla Geotagging Extensions

Process of inserting geographical identification metadata to various kind of media, for example, QR Codes, SMS messages, websites, photograph and video is called Geotagging. With geotagging, we usually get longitude and latitude coordinates, but it may contain place names, accuracy data, distance, bearing and altitude. Joomla developers have also developed some geotagging extensions to help Joomla users to get a wide variety of location specific information. In this post, I’m sharing 11 Free Joomla Geotagging Extensions to get Geo information while you are using Joomla platform.


HostingRaja Storelocater Component

HostingRaja Storelocater is a very powerful Joomla component to build complete product locators to fit the unique requirement of small businesses. You can set show/hide the footer, map options via back-end. It has option for administrator to import or export data. You can easily change the longitude and latitude value. Administrator can easily add, edit or delete store listing via admin side.

Wow Locator

Wow Locator has the ability to attach zip codes to the regular Joomla articles. You can add countries, states, postal codes, and publish module.

Country Plugin

With Joomla Country Plugin, you can easily insert country flags in the articles. The plugin is basically developed for the JPodium (A sport results component for Joomla), but you can use it in any Joomla installation.

GeoIP redirect

GeoIP redirect plugin utilizes Maxmind Geo IP country database. You can easily allow language according to the specific user’s country, and can also redirect user to the given address. Helpful for denying IP addresses or specific countries to your Joomla website.

jLocate Store Locator

jLocate Store Locator has the ability to display each store location by closest proximity on a map, shows as markers. You can toggle our 25 configurable parameters by just adding store locations in your Joomla’s admin side. You can view all locations if no stores found.

Fgeorge GeoTagging Tool

Fgeorge GeoTagging Tool makes geocurating, geotagging and geoblogging easy.

Nearest Places

With Nearest Places, you can show nearest places via your Joomla article. You can assign each article to its coordinates, longitude and latitude, then it will show you nearest articles with distances. If you want to develop a tourist website using Joomla, then it is best for presenting list of metro stations, museums, monuments, POI, beaches, villas and hotels.


GeoContent helps you to embed Google maps in your Joomla website smoothly. You can add geographic items that aren’t linked to articles. The plugin grouped the map by layers, and show the map through layer configuration.


ContentMap has the article parameters to insert geo coordinates. You won’t have to insert some code in the editor, because map will automatically displayed at the bottom of the article.

The Geocode Factory

The Geocode Factory is a very beautiful component, if you want to show your Joomla content on a map. It has the functionality to directly work with data of Joomla article, AdsManager, Jevents, SobiPro, Mosets tree, Sobi2 and Jomsocial.

Articles Geotag

Via Articles Geotag, your site visitors can choose article by just clicking on a map. Markers on the map are linked to the article. You can utilize the plugin’s 3 pages: Delete View, Add View and Map view to worked with your articles on the map.

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