Javascript vs Python for Web Development – A Beginner’s Guide

In today’s tech world, new devices and applications are being developed every day. So, companies involved in technological developments are fighting with each other for a place in the market. Today, programmers and web developers are in great demand as demand for innovative web applications are increasing with each passing day.

New individuals who want to make a career in this field often remain in confusion which programming languages they should learn to give a good start to their career. Javascript and Python are two most important programming languages. So, which one you should learn first? Which one is more important in web development? Let’s learn now.

A Brief Overview of Javascript and Python


A large number of working professionals are familiar with the word Java. It is a revolutionary platform-independent language with which mobile applications and websites are created. This excellent programming language has several features, such as object orientation, automatic clearing of memory, etc. So, in short, it’s a client-side hypertext web page scripting control language.


In simple words, Python is an object-oriented high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It is embedded with high-level data structures along with dynamic typing and binding. So, it’s a nice language for web development. It can be used as a scripting language for linking software components. Python syntax is easy to learn as it emphasizes the readability of the code, which reduces the cost of software maintenance.

Javascript Learning Curve

Many individuals see JavaScript as a simple and accessible language. However, it’s not true. Using frameworks and ready-made plugins, a person (who is not familiar with Js) add a dynamic component to a web page. But, he/she can’t create plugins, write a more complex script, and solve a nontrivial task.

Tips to Learn Javascript

Learn HTML and CSS At First. Javascript works closely with HTML and CSS. It is because the solution of many tasks on js comes down to selecting HTML elements and manipulating their attributes and CSS properties.

Don’t Go Through Old Articles and Tutorials. Always keep in mind that technology does not stand still. Web standards and web browsers keep developing. What is popular today will be outdated in the future. So, don’t go through old articles and tutorials. Only ready fresh and up-to-date articles. You can go for Java Training Courses to increase your command on JS.

Don’t Copy Others Code. There is nothing wrong with connecting a framework such as jQuery or copying a complete example while developing websites or applications. But, avoid copying parts of the code because the code taken out of context may work completely differently on your work or may not work at all. Just try to write simple and easy-to-understand code yourself and get it corrected by professional coders. It will be able to improve your skills up to a great extent. You can also go for Java Online Course With Certificate to polish your JS skills. You should also look at someone else’s solution to boost problem-solving skills and write the best code.

Python Learning Curve

Guido van Rossum created this powerful high-level object-oriented programming language. It has an easy-to-use syntax, which makes it an ideal language for those who are trying to learn a programming language for the first time. You can take admission in Python Online Course Toronto to learn the basics of this language. You should also know it is easier to work with this language as it does not include several auxiliary elements.

Availability of FrameWorks

These days, Web frameworks have changed the world of programming and have become an integral part of the development process. In simple words, a web framework is a tool that facilitates the process of writing and running a web application. So, you don’t t need to write a bunch of code on your own and spend time searching for potential errors.

At the dawn of the web development age, web developers and designers have to write code manually and make corrections in it if required. Web frameworks allowed them to get rid of this monotonous process. Now different types of frameworks allow you to choose suitable static and dynamic pages for your website. Both Javascript & and Python have several frameworks.



Dynamic typing causes a lot of regression errors.

Lack of modularity.

Unobvious behavior in several places

Security issues keep surfacing: JavaScript is explicitly added to web pages and client browsers. So, hackers use it to inject malicious code to run on the client’s machine and steal important information.

More Competitors: JavaScript is a very old scripting language that runs on machines. There are other programs ( such as JQuery) that do the same work in a better and easier way.


Most programmers agree that Python is not as fast as you expect. It performs poorly in comparison with other interpreted languages. A programmer working with this particular language need to write the most logical and simple code to create amazing applications. You need a long practice and innovative thinking outside the framework of ready-made modules to write fast codes on Python.



As Javascript is written for the client side, no support is required to support the web server. So, it gives it some speed advantages. It is relatively easy to learn and implement as it uses the DOM model, which provides many preset functions for various objects on the pages, allowing you to develop a script to meet the goals of a user. Furthermore, JavaScript works great with other languages ​​and can be used in many different applications.


This programming language and all its components are initially interpretable. So, it saves the programmer’s time allows him/her to give preference to what is easier to create, check and make further improvements. Python programs can work with any operating system and occupies an equal amount of memory resources. With this programming language, you can perform almost any task due to the easy expansion of attached modules.

Let’s Wind Up

The debate of Javascript Vs Python will continue endlessly because of their growing use, frameworks, pros, and cons. As a programmer, you should focus more on your needs or assignments & have the basic/advanced knowledge of these two programming languages to be able to create amazing websites or applications. Happy Coding!

Junaith Petersen

Junaith Petersen

Junaith Petersen works as a writer and has a Master’s Degree in data science engineering & Mathematics. She is passionate about her work and she has been associated with Lantern Institute which provides Java Programming Course in Toronto.

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