How to Integrate Zen Cart With WordPress

Integrating Zen Cart shop with WordPress is a big fun as WordPress is an extremely powerful and mostly used open source CMS. It has a wide community of users and developers. We can find many shopping cart plugins for WordPress, but they are not blended with full shopping cart exposure and have very limited features. In this article, you will learn how to integrate zen cart shop with WordPress blog.

Zen Cart has a module for integrating zen cart and WordPress. You can get the module here. Now following are the steps for zen cart and WordPress integration.

1. If you don’t have WordPress installed yet, then install it and place it asĀ  /public_html/blog directory and zen cart as /public_html/shop.Change the blog directory permission to 777. Then go to and install the WordPress. Then go to administrator section, and go to Options -> General and put your zen cart url, for example, on the Blog Address (URL) section. And set the default theme for now.

2. Now you also have the WordPress on Zen Cart module. Extract the zip file and there you will find two folders: ZC_ROOT and WP_ROOT. Place WP_ROOT folder in /public_html/blog directory and ZC_ROOT in /public_html/shop directory.

3. Now go to zen cart installation and open the /includes/extra_configures/wordpress-config.php and edit the following line:

define (‘ABSPATH’, ‘/var/www/vhost/’);


define (‘ABSPATH’, ‘/public_html/blog’);

4. Now go to Zen Cart admin section, then Tools -> Layout Boxes Controller. Here you will find some new sideboxes like wp_sidebar.php, wp_links.php, wp_pages.php, wp_archives.php and wp_cats.php. Click on the reset button at the bottom for using these sidebars. If you want to show these sideboxes on your zen cart store, then click on the specific sidebar you want to show and change its column position, for example, left/right.

5. Now time is for the verification that both are working fine. Go to and check everything.

If you have any question, let me know. Thanks.

Duan Lingxin

Duan Lingxin

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5 thoughts on “How to Integrate Zen Cart With WordPress”

  1. Good writeup. Not quite the way I do it, but still a sensible route. If you wanted to do things slightly different I would install WordPress as the main website, set that all up and get it working then install zencart as a sub folder (ie /shop) and set that up. Then use the plugin Ive just written for wordpress (its free!) and add featured products, new products or special offers to the wordpress site. The plugin pulls the feed direct from the zen cart shop so will always reflect the items you have featured etc.

    Just another way to do things!



    • Jonathan,
      Could you direct me to the plugin you created?

      ” Then use the plugin Ive just written for wordpress (its free!)”

      Thank you,


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