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Well, we are back again with the review of another Theme X masterpiece and this time we are shading some light on Theme X’s Icon stack, the celebrated theme for every type of word press user. Theme X has put some of its intelligence combined with audacious creativity into this brilliant stack that has ultimately gained them a very good applause by every user who has so far tried the Icon theme. Icon theme, which is inspired by a modern blogging-network format, has minimal artistic complexities but a variety of smooth functionalities to offer to its users.

If I were to give a brief outlook of Icon’s center-stage quality, it has the ability to actually make your visitor focus keenly on your core message regardless of what type of website you have. Icon stack holds up a numerous theming options and features with which you can now navigate to those broader areas of web-based broadcasting that were once only accessible in your mind, not on a practical web domain. With Icon stack as your default theme, you can now show your personality and style in a brand novel way. So, let’s begin our Icon theme review and see what potential it has for us in-depth.

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The Most Minimalist Blogging Design Ever

When you have Icon stack as your prominent blogging theme you then be sure to enjoy the most sleek and minimum, yet quite effective, blogging architecture at your service. Theme X has specially invested a good amount of brains on keeping the design simple and minimum but quite upgraded and as per with the hottest blogging design trends currently.


The structure for the blog page could well integrate and keep up with all the other unique elements of the modern age blogging niche sites so that your readers won’t feel that old and odd primitive sensation while reading your enlightening posts on your website.

Like we have told several times in our prior reviews of themes by Theme X, the building of Theme X’s themes have been closely guided by both the technical and successful online entrepreneurial guru’s. This leaves little chance for any type of ignorance in shaping up and integrating the successful modern techniques needed for a website to succeed in its endeavors online. So such is that case with Icon stack too, you should really use it to believe yourself.

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Your Very Own Modern Online Store

In our continuation of Icon theme review, it would be very ignorant and absurd of us if we do not share a brief light on how remarkable and amazing modern type of store you can facilitate in the Icon theme. The capability of enjoying a WooCommerce functionality known no bounds when it comes to Icon stack. Like the overall theme itself, you now have several choices and options to make while setting up your store online using Icon theme.

Again, the approach is minimal but with gigantic areas to cover within. If you are one of those webmasters who likes to bring some X-factor for their online consumers then creating your modern and stylish store in Icon stack is a must. The theme provides many interface-choices at the backend to give your store a dynamic look and to set the exact products categorically, there is nothing better than the Icon-WooCommerce partnership. So create your own modern shop with some style.


Scroll The Way you Like It

It should probably be a very novel and creative addition for a theme of the class of Icon, the integration of independent scrolling sidebar that is devoid of the main website gives more control and ease of usage for your visitors. While your readers are reviewing the main page or whatever page they are on, the sidebar gives them the accessibility to move up and down through different section on the right side of your theme. It might be a link to your blog, social network, products page; it might simply shows your followers, fans, your video portals; it might show almost anything that you might want to put there for the convenience of your readers while they don’t even have to switch between different sections of the site independently. This is probably one of the greatest features of the Icon theme that a webmaster should like to use for their benefit.

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A Very Neat Portfolio Section

It is very evident in this Icon theme review that we should not miss the opportunity to describe the importance of a clean and powerful portfolio, which is both crucially important for professionals and personals. On this thing, Icon stack has some good news to offer for those webmasters who likes to present their skills and achievements both beautifully and expressively.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Icon theme, now you can alter the background colors of your post within Icon theme with several choices to make. This thing has two key benefits:

  • Augmented Attraction
  • Creative Expression

Probably, the two above mentioned words are the major drivers for any business or individual’s success in today’s highly competitive ‘World Wide Web’. You might have noticed many successful businesses and individual’s online domains that expresses these two things in the most profound way. With Icon stack, you can actually chose different colors for your each post, singular color for all, or none at all for any. Nevertheless, you just have the full freedom of the ways you can utilize to actually make your posts more enticing and worth reading for your visitors.

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So, does this Icon theme review really tempts your mind to actually buy your own copy to see that every word described herein is fully true to its genuineness? We bet you should because not many word press folks have regretted buying the Icon theme, or any other themes by Theme X in their four stack series perhaps, because the Icon stack or all of the stacks by Theme X are profoundly built to the highest level of excellence and intelligence which a good website should entertain. Therefore, buy your copy of Icon theme and enjoy the great benefits it will bring with itself for your online presence.

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