How To Take Appointments (Bookings Online)-the Best WordPress Plugins You Need

From eliminating cumbersome paperwork to saving your precious time, embedding an online booking plugin to your appointments website can remove a lot of hassles. It doesn’t matter the type of business and niche, these tools are very beneficial to customers and this is why most of them are more likely to show up when they make reservations. 

Besides, in case of any cancellation, they can do so online which helps to open up chances for other potential customers. Booking plugins help to free up your staff and make your calendar management simple. 

Creating a website that can take appointments online, however, requires you to choose the right type of booking plugins to use. The booking plugin you choose should be accommodative of all customer requests. Moreover, it should work on mobile phones as well as on computers and desktops. 

You may also want to consider sending automatic notifications to customers once their appointments have been accepted. If you are planning to embed a booking plugin to your appointments website, then below are the 5 best WordPress booking plugins to consider. 


1. WooCommerce Bookings 

WooCommerce Bookings plugin provides the simplest way to make reservations and scheduling on any e-commerce website. With this plugin, you can add new products, enable reservations based on date and time and more. It lets you filter appointment slots, update the availability of your business, and approve reservations as an admin via backend login. For customers, the plugin lets them personalize their reservations based on their booking needs. 

Regarding functionality, WooCommerce plugin allows the application of two costs which include base and block costs. Base cost is the amount that is applied to all appointments and reservations. Unlike base cost, block cost is variable and depends on the number of blocks a customer books. The plugin is available in both a free and premium version. The paid version comes with more advanced features which include the ability to customize the color scheme to match your website, Google Calendar synchronization, and management of staff availability and many more. Generally, this plugin makes any product on your website bookable. 


2. Bookly

Bookly is another best-rated online booking plugin that packs a nice set of cool features.From what we’ve read about how to use Bookly, it comes with a WooCommerce integration feature that lets you create an impressive platform for customers to book and make appointments. 

Featuring Google Calendar integration, Bookly lets you synchronize all your bookings with your calendar. To help you create custom booking forms, this plugin comes with an inbuilt form builder.

One distinct feature about Bookly plugin is that it allows you to include services, customers, staff members, and appointments and many more. You can also change the color scheme of your website and choose the styles of your reservation pages. In case you want to offer coupons and discounts, this plugin also lets you do so. You can manage all your appointments and times right from your admin dashboard. 

Alongside letting you send notifications through email, this plugin also allows you to send SMS which is quite convenient and reliable. It is highly optimized in design and offers smooth functionality regardless of the device that a visitor uses to make an appointment. It functions well on both mobile, desktops and personal computers. All reservations are displayed along with their specific times, dates, prices, staff members and more.

Other functionalities that Bookly plugin provides include allowing customers to make custom reservations, ability to create custom bookable products, buffer time for slots, choose early times, schedule available times for the booked slots and cancellation times. It is the easiest plugin to use and you can flexibly customize to suit the booking demands of your customers. This plugin is great for all WordPress sites and is the right pick for anyone seeking to automate bookings online on their websites.


3. YITH Booking Plugin

YITH is the most intuitive booking plugin that works on all WordPress sites. It is recommended for use on e-commerce websites that are built on WooCommerce. 

This plugin allows you to add many bookable products and their pricing options. It provides two optional booking durations for customers which include the start date and start & end dates. As an admin, this plugin gives you an option to choose the least and maximum number of days that customers can make their bookings. Bookings can be approved instantly or wait for admin confirmation. Prices can also be varied based on the type of reservation and duration. For further customization, you can manually create a booking from backend with this plugin. 


4. WooCommerce Appointments

WooCommerce Appointments plugin is specially designed for WordPress sites that are built on WooCommerce. It is the easiest plugin to use and within a few minutes, you will have everything in place running. It has several pricing options to choose from. After creating your bookable products, you can choose your preferred rates based on hour, day or even both. Apart from rates, you can also change product availability times, add breaks, multi-day scheduling, and out-of-business days. 

For websites that target clients from different countries, this plugin lets you change time to suit customer needs. It is also easy to change currency and synchronize with Google Calendar. This plugin is ideal for any WooCommerce platform.


5. RnB WooCommerce Booking Plugin

Adding bookings and reservations feature to your website is quite simple with this feature-rich plugin. 

Among the features, it brings include easy creation of new products, date and time customization and instant quote request submission for customers. The plugin also has a potent inventory management feature that lets you create and manage your stock right from your control panel. It makes it easy to eliminate cases of creating separate inventories for bookings that have already been made. For time-saving, you can decide on the inventories to use as the default for all reservations. Unlike other plugins, this lets customers book multiple days at a go. Other cool features of this plugin include the ability to set different rates for different periods, easy application of discounts and other special offers, and more. 


Booking plugins are the most indispensable tools to have on any appointments website. These plugins can save your time and that of your customers by bringing convenience and improving customer experience. If you have a WooCommerce website and want to improve your customer booking experience, then the above are the top five wordpress  plugins to consider. 


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