Fixing the Internal Server Error in WordPress

If you are a web addict and love to surf web, then you may have face the internal server error problems on some websites. If you are a beginner in WordPress, you could be stuck by internal server problem because internal server error is a most common error in WordPress. This tutorial will tell you the best possible ways to fix the internal server error in WordPress.


Why are you facing internal server problem?

Maybe you are thinking that internal server problem is just in WordPress, every kind of website using different frameworks and platforms could face the problem. But right now, I’m talking about WordPress. Plugins and theme functions could cause internal server error, and other causes are PHP memory limit and .htaccess file. You can also face internal server problem if you are going to your admin section. Now I’m gonna tell you the methods of fixing internal server error.

1. Increasing Memory Limit

  • You can face internal server error because of PHP memory limit. So just go to your config.php and paste the code define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M’). If you are still facing the problem you can increase it to more like ‘128M’ etc.
  • Create a blank text file ‘php.ini’ and just paste memory=128MB and upload to your root directory.

2. Deactivate all Plugins

If increasing PHP memory limit isn’t working for you then maybe you are facing the headache because of a single plugin or multiple plugins on your website. Best solution is to disable all the plugin at once and see internal server error is now fixed, then you have to find out which plugin is causing problem. So activate plugins one bye one with check that you are getting this error or not. When you will find the plugin you can get rid of that plugin and can use another alternate plugin.

3. Upload Again the Core Files

If deactivating plugin isn’t fixing your problem, then download latest WordPress and, re-upload wp-includes and wp-admin folders. It may solve your problem.

4. Contact your Hosting Provider

If any method didn’t work for you then you should contact your hosting provider. They can fix your problem by looking at the server logs. I hope these methods would work for you because these are tested methods when I faced internal server error.

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