Top 20+ PHP File Uploader & Downloader Scripts

In this article, you will find top 20+ PHP File Uploader & Downloader Scripts which will help you to upload images, videos, audios and any file format into your PHP driven website.


Highly Recommended: XFilesharing Pro

XFilesharing Pro is a powerful file sharing script which will let you to create easily monetized file hosting site. Features highlight: PPS/PPD earnings, multi server support, torrent download and seeding, video encoding, mobile and desktop file managers. Every third file sharing site on the net built with XFilesharing Pro.

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Recommended: Yeti Share

YetiShare is a file hosting script that enables you to create your own professional file sharing site. The PHP website script comes with many features including premium paid membership capabilities, a responsive bootstrap powered template, an extensive admin area to easily configure your file upload site and a huge array of plugins to add functionality, such as streaming movies directly from your site!

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1. AJAX Image Uploader

AJAX Image Uploader script will allow you upload images with Ajax, image resize, create thumbnails, insert filenames in database via Ajax, unique image name and check if image name already exists.

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AJAX Image Uploader

2. Ajax Multi Upload

Ajax Multi Upload will help you to upload multi items on your website.

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Ajax Multi Upload

3. Easy Gallery (no database required)

Easy Gallery is a very flexible PHP script to upload image via admin side or FTP and create different folders. You can also resize the image dimensions. It will not need any database.

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Easy Gallery (no database required)

4. Customer-friendly Download Login

Customer-friendly Download Login script is for programmers and designers to distribute files to his/her customers. You’re ready to upload after two clicks of login. After login you will see Ajax powered admin interface which also has drag and drop feature.

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Customer-friendly Download Login

5. BitDrop – File Hosting with Short URL Link

BitDrop is a PHP script which also gives short url link after uploading the file. All the uploaded files are automatically expire after a set time out and then becomes inaccessible.

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BitDrop - File Hosting with Short URL Link

6. PHP Multiple File Uploader

PHP Multiple File Uploader has powerful admin panel where you can manage accounts, allow custom file extensions and custom file size.

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PHP Multiple File Uploader

7. SQL Document Generator

SQL Document Generator has very powerful and error free classes to create documents in various formats including: .xls, .html, .pdf, .doc, .xml and .csv.

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SQL Document Generator

8. Secure File Download Class

Secure File Download Class can lock out all leechers, enable or disable download resuming, set the maximum download speed, create expiring one-time download keys and hide the real download URL.

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Secure File Download Class

9. ImgShot Image Hosting Script

ImgShot Image Hosting Script has 5 dynamic thumbnail sizes, download links to image and folder structured uploads functionality. Upload methods are zip, cover, remot, Ajax, Multi and single.

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ImgShot Image Hosting Script

10. The Uploader

The Uploader is a file uploader script which can upload files smoothly to the website. The maximum file size and file type is automatically adjustable. File type supported are: xlsx, xls, docx, doc, rar, zip, pdf, xps, gif, png, jpeg and jpg.

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The Uploader

11. HIPLOAD – Free Files Hosting

HIPLOAD is a Free Files Hosting script, so you can create file hosting website like mediafire, dropbox etc, to allow your visitors to upload any file and share them with their friends.

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HIPLOAD - Free Files Hosting

12. Secure Download Links

You can download files safe and secure with Secure Download Links PHP script.

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Secure Download Links

13. Secure File Upload Class

Secure File Upload Class has support for creating thumbnails, compression of images. You can limit file size to prevent your visitors to upload huge files.

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Secure File Upload Class

14. eDownload – make download easily

eDownload features include: redirect download, support for streaming flv file, dir to zip download, download logging, download resume-able, prefix of fie name, stream setting, limit user bandwidth, download speed rate limit and hot linking protection.

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eDownload - make download easily

15. ApPHP AJAX File Uploader

ApPHP AJAX File Uploader has features including: uploading without page refreshing, multi-language support, ability to cancel uploads in progress, rich progress and status information, nice looking client-side API, icons of common file extensions, embedded skins and asynchronous file upload.

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ApPHP AJAX File Uploader

16. Export HTML Table to Open Formats

Export HTML Table to Open Formats helps you to export of HTML tables into open formats, for example, CSV or XML files.

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Export HTML Table to Open Formats

17. Remote .ZIP Uploader/Unzipper

Remote .ZIP Uploader/Unzipper allows you click on upload and several seconds later you are ready to go according to your server speed. You can login to remote zip file and copy link to .zip file into remote .zip.

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Remote .ZIP Uploader Unzipper

18. miniFTP

miniFTP is very small and simple PHP FTP program to upload and download files on the server.

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19. Easytransfert

Easytransfert is a small PHP application to manage the files you sent to your clients.

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20. Advanced File Server

Advanced File Server has support for user permissions, upload tickets with a given number of uploads and for multiple users.

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Advanced File Server

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