How to Create WordPress Plugins Easily with WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

Planning to develop a WordPress plugin first time and searching for a consistent and clear guide for developing a plugin? WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is a best solution to create a plugin. The boilerplate serves as a clear-cut foundation to build up your mind that how you should go with your new plugin. You can download the WordPress plugin boiler plate from github and start creating a plugin.


Features in WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

  • This foundation is fully written according to the WordPress Plugin API.
  • The boilerplate uses PHPDoc conventions to document the plugin’s code. Means, everything is self-explanatory.
  • The boilerplate for plugin contains self-explanatory example values, you can change the values.
  • Has a strict file organization scheme to make sure the assets are easily maintainable.
  • Sample translation file included.
  • A guide to manage assets prior to deployment.

How to Install WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

Download the package from here. Extract the zip file. Open the extracted folder and change the plugin-name to your plugin’s name or whatever you want. After changing name, again compress the folder in zip format and upload to your WordPress installation via administration’s plugin dashboard and activate it.

After activation, you’ll find the screen like:


Go to settings from the link directly or from Settings -> Menu Text.


After click on “Menu Text“, you’ll go the plugin’s page. You will find the plugin’s page empty. Now start coding your plugin.

For more information, visit Tom McFarlin’s website.

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