CMS(Content Management System) trends that will take the CMS world by a wave

With innovative CMSs(Content Management Systems) being introduced into the website development arena on a regular basis, it is interesting to note that both open source CMS as well as CMS vendors will continue to stay in popular demand for many more years to follow. Whether it is WordPress CMS development or Joomla CMS development, the world of web development will continue to leverage features of popular CMSs. The future of CMS is definitely bright and favoring the website development requirements of a varied group of individuals and organizations. If you’re in search of a perfect website and want to try your hands on developing one using a popular CMS(Content Management System) then getting acquainted with the latest trends in CMS will prove befitting for you. In this blog, I bring to you a collection of CMS trends you must check out for sure.

1. CMS will transition into WEM(Web Experience Management)

Paying due heed to the marketers’ demand for sophisticated tools for user engagement, a large group of CMS vendors have offered an array of functionalities that have worked wonders for facilitating excellent online engagement as per the Web Experience Management(WEM) concept. As per WEM, the site owner can easily segment users into a specific group of target audiences as a simple approach to tailor the online experience for individual users.

2. CMS will become device neutral

Customers are very flexible when it comes to accessing websites via their smartphones. This makes it vital for the site builders to ensure that the sites built by them are able to operate flawlessly on a wide spectrum of devices, irrespective of the screen size and resolution. With CMS being used for developing websites, it is being predicted that the innovative CMSs will include a pre-installed mobile functionality that would make it feasible for the site owners to publish content for the mobiles.

3. Emergence of Cloud CMS and SAAS

Apple has predicted the future to be in the Cloud with Apple iCloud becoming an instant hit among the worldwide customers. A lot of other global software leaders such as NetSuite and Salesforce have also been backing the cloud computing model in addition to the software-as-a-service(SAAS) model. A large group of companies and customers have displayed their willingness to store sensitive information within the cloud including financial data, customer details, email contact etc. The coming years will likely witness CMS vendors following the approach of Apple and Salesforce.

4. CMS will witness the rise of marketing automation

The world of CMS will see a tremendous increase in the popularity of marketing automation. Marketers have always been keen on performing digital marketing activities that can enable them to master the task of promoting their products and services in the best possible manner. Moreover, these content management systems(CMSs) will also be more interoperable, offering a complete web-based marketing suite that can enable them in delivering personalized messages as expected by the customers. All the CMS vendors will choose to move beyond boundaries of traditional business and integrate CRM, CMS, social marketing, web analytics and email marketing for delivering out-of-the-box websites and e-commerce stores.

5. CMS vendors will offer their software as open platform for third-party developers

The CMS vendors have recognized the role that a software platform can play in empowering the market share of the respective software. It is due to this that they will be offering their CMS software as an open platform to all the third-party developers who’re inclined on extending the functionality of the base CMS(Content Management System).

6. CMS technologies will become more fragmented

As the final CMS trend, it is worth mentioning that the use of different CMS Technologies will continue to fragment. With the World Wide Web getting complex day by day, it has become really tedious for web developers to meet their varied needs using a single platform. Therefore, it has become crucial for them to access popular technologies and frameworks that can enable them to work on varied Content Management Systems(CMSs) including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

7. CMSs will become more reliant on Javascript

The popularity of JavaScript is well related to the increase in the JS projects including: Backbone.js, node.js, AngularJS and Ember.js. Unlike the previous years when the CMS development team’s focus was on using PHP, the coming years will witness a greater focus on usage of Javascript. For example, the recent years have seen a large number of Drupal websites which don’t contain a Drupal front-end and everything is being displayed with AngularJS.

Wrapping Up

So, the use of a renowned CMS would never cease to exist and the coming years would see a remarkable growth in the economy of companies which have chosen to build their official website using a good CMS(Content Management System). All in all, there will also be a rapid increase in the count of freelancers who’ll be willing to take up projects that involve the development of CMS-powered websites. So, what’s keeping you waiting? Go ahead and make your mark in the world of CMS web development to surpass your competitors.

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