In the Spotlight: CEO of, David Braun Reveals all the Secrets to Success!

David Braun

Interviewer: Hello, David. First of all, it’s such a pleasure when a person like you is willing to share his experience globally! We’re sure that your example of conducting business with more than 14 years of successful existence will definitely encourage more web designers/ developers and young entrepreneurs to reach their personal and business goals. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to introduce your company to the people, who have not discovered it yet. So, let’s start with the interview itself, as we, as well as our readers, are eager to talk to you!
So, the easiest question: How did you get the idea of creating TemplateMonster?

David: That is definitely the most frequently asked question, however I am always glad to answer it! It all started 14 years ago, but the original idea of it had been born a few years earlier, when we launched a local web design studio. It was quite a success, but eventually we faced the problem of not being able to serve all the customers, as everyone wanted to get a custom design that would be inexpensive as well. And due to the amount of work we could not afford to cut the prices. That had been before I saw our designer creating a website using his own library of pre-made elements – templates. That was the exact minute, when the idea of selling ready-made web design solutions was born!

Interviewer: What’s in there, behind the curtain of TemplateMonster Company?

David: You won’t be surprised to hear that during these 14 years we have become an extended and tight-knit family! We have developed our own traditions and corporate culture events, such as running marathons, supporting charity organisations, celebrating company’s milestones, and more! It’s simply a team of cheerful people, who inspire each other every day!


Interviewer: Sounds really nice! And here comes the question that will excite every reader! Is there any benefits for web developers?

David: Absolutely, as we have an immense assortment of templates for them! The process of creating a website can be time-consuming, therefore using a template may save this time, as you will not need to bother yourself with design, everything has already been made for you! Moreover, we have WordPress themes with GPL 3.0 license in our inventory, accompanied with several attractive and stylish designs, which you can easily customize for any project! So, getting a template may not only save your time, but also increase your income as you will be able to deliver more cool web design solutions!

Interviewer: What about the end-users? How can they be at an advantage?

David: All our templates are powered by the most convenient and modern CMS, to let people without coding knowledge be able to launch their websites without searching for developers and designers. Let’s imagine that you are a photographer, who uses Photography WordPress themes, you may be a freelancer or a housewife, who likes to share their ideas with like-minded people, by writing a blog, created with Beauty WordPress themes. And the best thing about it, is that all of these templates can be customized to meet the needs of literally any business.

I would also like to concentrate your attention on TemplateMonster Affiliate Program, that provides those of you, who are not involved in creating websites, with the opportunities to earn money online by becoming our partner!

Interviewer: Seems like you’ve had only the times of milk and honey! Have you ever faced crisis in your company?

David: Sure, and it’s been quite recently! We were little out of touch of our customers’ needs, and consequently we got a lot of complaints about our products and services. However, we jumped into the process of resolving this issue at once, by conducting clients’ surveys and improving the quality of the product itself. And, shortly, we were back on our feet! Now, we track every single feedback and take it into account. Our team has never been so determined and powerful together! And our efforts are paid off! As the result, we’ve made it to the Top-3 Template providers on Trustpilot.

Each negative review is analysed and resolved accurately by our specialists. The team does its best to deliver high-quality service and make our customers happy! We make sure that every client is satisfied, we help them in choosing themes, customize the products!

Not only do we fulfill our job utmost, but we also encourage our clients become our partners and benefit with us!

Interviewer: What were your expectations for the 2017? Did you manage to meet them?

David: We’ve been always striving to reach the new heights, and, of course, we’ve done everything possible to accomplish our goals! 2016 has been the year of changes and challenges! We’ ve taken our product to a higher level by creating even more powerful multipurpose templates for each CMS, enhanced by a 24/7 life-time support and updates. Such as:

StoreFlex – an OpenCart Theme




Furthermore, we have made an internal investigation of the technical support of our latest flagship templates, received a lot of positive reviews from the satisfied customers, which has brought us to the top-three on Trustpilot. That’s why we seriously consider the possibility of the price rise by 15-20% in 2017, as we all understand, that the high-quality product with lifetime tech- support can’t cost cheap!

Interviewer: Ok, and before we finish our conversation, could you, please, reveal us your secrets of a successful professional life?

David: That’s easy as a pie! Do what you love, stop being afraid of challenges and making mistakes, as everyone does them!

Interviewer: Thank you very much, David! It was so nice to talk to you today!

David: Thank you. My pleasure!

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