How to Boost Your SEO Using Pinterest


In terms of business marketing and brand promotion, no other social media platform has performed so effectively as Pinterest. Among internet users, the site has earned huge popularity for its user friendliness and innovative UI. While using Pinterest does help a company in establishing online visibility, it is also generates fierce competition, which means that this social platform too needs to get SEO to help your profile stand out from the crowd. To enhance the online presence of your Pinterest profile, you may need to use the following SEO boosting methods.

1. Fill up the about section of the site

Your Pinterest account’s “about” section is a great way to give your profile’s SEO a good boost. Sure, it will not be as amusing or pleasing as pinning images up on boards but it would definitely help your pins, your boards and your profiles show up higher in search results. Keyword-rich text that you enter into this field helps spiders link your profile to searches more intuitively. In fact, apart from your boards and titles, the about section of your Pinterest profile would be the one place where you can easily use the top keywords from your industry like niche, location, your brand, your own name and company to establish your Pinterest profile’s name.

2. Find and fill SEO “hot spots”

A search engine looks out for a few hotspots on every page that communicate key info about the contents. Pinterest too have such areas and you can improve your visibility on the search engines by optimizing these key areas. A generalized approach to it would be to use appropriate keywords for individual board names, and using the same in SEO titles. Another place to add keywords would be titles of custom categories.

3. Link different platforms to your Pinterest

Through this social platform, you would also need to link up all your other social media platforms to optimize it better. A visitor to your Pinterest board might like to explore you blog, might want to follow you twitter or even get to know you a little more closely through your Facebook or Twitter profiles.  Your Pinterest profile, thus, needs to be connected to your blogs, websites, and other social media pages to boost your search engine optimization.

4. Categorize different Pinterest boards

If you have multiple pin boards, search engine spiders will have a better range of topics to notice. Diverse topics or even boards dealing with different aspects of a niche topic work well for this purpose. Keep the titles of these boards keyword-rich and the boards themselves should be strong enough to merit spiders’ attention. Make sure that there is something for all interest groups within your niche or you can use diverse genres in there as well. It is necessary to categorize different pin boards in your profile, so that people can find what they are looking for. While browsing your site by categories, visitors will be able to find you profile through organized boards.

Duan Lingxin

Duan Lingxin

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