Best JavaScript Libraries And Tools for every Developer

There are numerous web development and designing, tools and libraries available on the internet. Making a choice for selecting the good ones is very tough. Many tools that are popular but hiding in the crowd deserved attention. I have collected a lists of Best JavaScript Libraries And Tools that are handy to use and dream of every developer, because they give you information that you want. Following is the list:


1. Morris.js


Morris.js is a simple and easy library for drawing charts in efficient way. Using this library, you can draw line charts, bar charts, area charts and donut charts.

2. Keymaster


Keymaster is a light-weight library for firing/dispatching and defining shortcuts. Just include keymaster.min.js file in your file and start defining shortcuts.

3. Scrollr


Skrollr allows to animate any CSS property or HTML element on the horizontal scroll-bar position.

4. Yeoman


Yeoman is a best and robust client-side stack, comprising frameworks and tools to help developers building beautiful and nice web applications.

5. jPages


jPages is the best client-side pagination plugin that I ever used. Using this plugin, you can develop navigation panels according to your choice and can place them where you want.

6. sigma.js


This library is a light-weight and easy to use JavaScript library to draw graphs and charts, using advance HTML canvas element. It can dynamically generate graph and show amazing graphs from a graph visualization software.

7. KineticJS


This is a JavaScript framework (HTML 5 Canvas) that you can use to develop high quality node nesting, animations, caching, transitions for mobile and desktop applications.

8. heatmaps.js


By using this JavaScript library, you can generate real time heat maps with the power of HTML5 canvas element according to your data.

9. JavaScript Library Boilerplate

javascript boilerplate

It allows you for generating you own JavaScript library for example Prototype, jQuery etc. in an efficient manner.

10. batman.js

batman js

This amazing framework let you build efficient web applications with JavaScript as well as with CoffeeScript. It is very declarative and complete code that provides you observable properties with view bindings.

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