Winning the Internet War: 20 Facebook Layouts to Help You

There’s a war going on and it’s a harsh one. We are fighting for the Internet. Each day better weapons appear and the tactics that were successful before does not work anymore. No one can win over the Internet. It’s an endless war. And it’s a war that helps humanity.

Better weaponry? It means having better designs and constantly exploring new options for your website. The only degree of success is the success you have with your audience. It is a war for hearts and minds, not for the territory. The only winning move is to pursue your passion.

You have to be smart though. The Internet is constantly changing. When you don’t know your battlefield, you can easily make fatal mistakes.

For example, it’s crucially important to have some kind of presence on Facebook. Facebook is the key to the modern Internet. Practically every user has an account there and all of them love connecting with their favorite services on Facebook. And when you do have a Facebook page, it’s important to make it stand out.

To do that, use pre-built Facebook templates. They are your best option to quickly establish a functioning and beautiful Facebook page that will instantly capture people’s attention. There are a lot of other benefits to this kind of approach too:

Facebook pre-built layouts are cheap.
They are made by a team of professional designers.
If you encounter any kind of problems, you can always ask 24/7 support service for help.
There are a lot of them on everything from fishing to stock marketing.

To choose your own ready-made Facebook layout, ask an established template provider company (such as for help. They will have everything you need.

And now, let’s dive into our selection of 20 best Facebook page designs that will help you to win the war on the Internet.

Important Business Solutions, Facebook Layout

Business Facebook Template

A great design for a business Facebook page. The bright orange color in the background is not only relaxing but also subtly energizing. The layout is really well-done and it is structured in a very logical, useful way.

Details | Demo

Classic Law Firm, Facebook Template

Law Facebook Template

A stylish layout for a Facebook page of a professional law firm. There’s a ‘classic’ approach to this template, meaning that it was designed with timelessness in mind. Your law firm will never be looked at as old one.

Details | Demo

Travel to the Sunrise, Design for Facebook Travel Agency Page

Travel Facebook Template

A creative layout that will be remembered. When you have a travel agency, it’s important to state your message clearly. With this template, it is obvious that what you promise is an unforgettable vacation experience.

Details | Demo

Business, Uncluttered, Facebook Layout

Business Facebook Template

A minimalistic design for people who don’t want to spend time and money solving unnecessary obstacles. It’s very up to the point and quick to understand. Only a few shades of color, a few blocks of text — and your clients will love you for not wasting their time.

Details | Demo

Where Dreams Live, Facebook Template for a Hotel Page

Hotels Facebook Template

Using this layout you can easily make your Facebook hotel page stand out. At first, look at the colors. The combination of glossy black and bright red makes for a very fashionable palette. But it’s the structure what matters. This layout is organized in such a way, that all the information is very easy to comprehend.

Details | Demo

Peaceful Nature, Facebook Agriculture Design

Agriculture Facebook Template

A light, clean template for a Facebook page on agriculture. It’s just pleasant to look at. This layout will remind your audience of the green fields and purity of nature.

Details | Demo

Calm Restaurant, Facebook Layout

Cafe and Restaurant Facebook Template

An uncluttered template for a cafe or restaurant Facebook page. Take a note of the character this template creates. It’s the atmosphere of peace and love and understanding — just the thing you need when you want to smile and drink another cup of coffee.

Details | Demo

Fight Back, Martial Arts Facebook Design

Martial Arts Facebook Template

You should look cool when you do martial arts. This Facebook layout is the definition of ‘cool’: black background, confident white labels, big pictures.

Details | Demo

Engineer Your Future, Facebook Template

Civil Engineering Facebook Template

A good-looking template for a civil engineering company. It creates an image of a modern successful city. It’s a very good way to say that you care for your work.

Details | Demo

Clear Communication, Facebook Design

Communications Facebook Template

A simple Facebook layout creators of which gave a lot of thought to how people will use it. After all, if you work in communications, you have to show your potential customer that you hear them. With the combination of green, blue and gray, this layout becomes very relaxing too.

Details | Demo

Beauty Is Here, Facebook Layout

Model Agency Facebook Template

This is the definition of fashion: a bold designer template for your model agency Facebook page. The colors are traditionally stylish and while all the information is presented in a really thought-out way, it looks good, too.

Details | Demo

Creative Pizza, Facebook Design

Pizza Facebook Template

A creative Facebook page design for your pizza restaurant. Pay attention to how black background contrasts with bright images of pizza in the center of the template. It allows pizza to be the real star of the deal.

Details | Demo

Respecting Cars, Car Repair Facebook Layout

Car Repair Facebook Template

A stylish template for really successful individuals. There’s a subtle accent on luxury in this layout. Tasteful, inspirational luxury. If you want to create a service for costly cars, use this design to highlight how much exactly you care about them.

Details | Demo

Being Different, Facebook Business Page Design

Business Facebook Template

Creative approach always matter in business endeavors. This layout highlights your ability to think out of the box. It’s a really great way to come up with new ideas.

Details | Demo

Active Tennis, Facebook Layout

Tennis Facebook Template

An energized Facebook layout for a tennis page. ‘Energized’ as in ‘full of energy’ — the usage of bright green colors fills the template with the sport spirit.

Details | Demo

Helping the World, Charity Facebook Page

Charity Facebook Template

For charity to work the people organizing it have to think clever. It is important to make it easy and pleasant for your audience to help. This layout uses soft colors and an inspiring heart image to make it just so.

Details | Demo

Changes of Tomorrow, Architecture Facebook Template

Architecture Facebook Template

A futuristic design for an architecture project that aims to change our day to day reality. It’s important to think big and to be brave — that’s what this layout is about.

Details | Demo

Hosting Important, Facebook Layout

Hosting Facebook Template

A creative Facebook page for a hosting company instantly makes your customer want to use your services. There are only a few elements visible, but each of them is very important.

Details | Demo

Fairy Tale Wedding, Facebook Design

Wedding Planner Facebook Template

Weddings have to feel special. With this Facebook page layout your wedding planner business will promise an unforgettable dream-like wedding. The gloss of champagne glasses is the happiness itself.

Details | Demo

Vista Photographer, Portfolio Facebook Template

Photographer Portfolio Facebook Template

A minimal, but visually striking Facebook portfolio page layout. It works best for a photographer who wants to prove that his or her work is worth admiring. With a black background and a classic black & white contrast it’s obvious that here we have something special.

Details | Demo

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