Top 20 Best Cherry Framework-Based WordPress Themes

The Internet is quick. Are you certain people will wait for you to design your website and make sure that everything is working? They have tons of things on their minds and it’s important to be the first one to catch their attention. Besides, creating design on your own could be time- and money-consuming. Moreover it is always better to use something already checked by time and experience. And if you opt for WordPress, there are a lot of predesigned themes out there for you.

It doesn’t really matter which industry you work in. There are ready-made templates for everything from chicken farms to hotel resorts. See for yourself: you can visit the website of a template provider such as and that the possibilities are limitless. This particular article presents only 20 of them.

What do you get with a ready WordPress template?

Your website will look stunning overnight

The best thing about these templates is that they’re easy and quick to install. You would have your website ready in a few hours! That’s nothing compared to the excruciating wait for your own custom theme to be finished. Remember that the Internet is quick?

Your time and money will be saved

Custom-created themes not only cost significantly more, they also bring more problems upon you. With one of these ready-made templates you save both your money (each of those templates costs less than a hundred!) and your time.

It’s customizable, friendly and responsive

All of these templates are based on Cherry framework. With this framework WordPress theme becomes easy to customize — which is important if you want to stand out! And it’s a simple thing to do. Cherry framework also makes your website mobile-friendly, an essential in today’s age of quick, on-the-go Internet.

All the images are yours

You also get images the theme goes with. It’s great to have the license to use them as you’ll never know when you’ll need a good-looking picture.

24/7 Support

For over a decade, offers 24/7 support. You can always be sure that your problems will be solved by a team of professionals.

Without further ado, let’s embark on a journey, that will surely lead your website to the flourish it deserves.

Architecture Projects – Architecture WordPress Light Template

Architecture firms deal in making this world a better place. This template is built around that same idea: it’s clean, it’s beautiful, it’s how our cities should look like.


Details |Demo

Healthy Diet – Weight Loss Mobile-Friendly WordPress Theme

You can’t lose weight if you don’t really feel like that. If you want to help people with their diets and their health, you can use this template for your website. It makes weight loss look cool and therefore attractive enough to achieve.


Details |Demo

Sleek & Clean – High Tech Business WordPress Design

What could be worse than a website of a technology company that looks like it was designed twenty years ago? This template is totally different: it’s entirely modern, with crisp white colors and interesting abstract background.


Details |Demo

Professional Attorneys – Law Firm Responsive WordPress Template

This template, with its simplicity and big photos, will make people trust you. It’s crucial for a succesfull law firm.


Details |Demo

Original Gray – Light Art And Photography WordPress Theme

If you want to have a website about arts, it should not only be good-looking but also make its content shine. With the Original Gray template it is easier than ever before.


Details |Demo

Weight Loss Plan – Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Template

What’s the best motivation for a person who wants to lose weight and look fit? A website he visits for advice on his diet, that looks attractive and is stripped of everything unnecessary. This template could turn your website into that one.


Details |Demo

Confident Look – Insurance Responsive WordPress Design

This template plays really nice with its black and red contrast. The feeling achieved is that not only of elegancy but also professionalism. Also known as the most important quality of an insurance company.


Details |Demo

Stylish Cars – Car Tuning Responsive WordPress Theme

Can’t tune a car without tuning your website first! The Stylish Cars template was created specifically to underline the beauty behind cars. It’s simple but it will make your customers love their cars even more.


Details |Demo

Stylish Corporate – Low Saturation Business WordPress Design

The Stylish Corporate design will be a great choice for your corporate website. This template, it’s all about being subtle. The backgrond is easy on the eyes and will make working with you a pleasure for your customers.


Details |Demo

Luxury Architecture – Dark Architecture WordPress Template

For a modern architecture studio being original is essential. This template provides this originality. It’s also not only stylish, but easy to use: something that we want from all architecture.


Details |Demo

Innovative Software – Software Company WordPress Theme

This template is a great choice for a software company that wants to make their customer’s experience really enjoyable. The design is stunning and works great for a contemporary firm that deals with tech.


Details |Demo

Business Website – Business Analytics Minimalistic WordPress Theme

For business analytics it’s necessary not only to stay professional but also to understand how innovations work. This template achieves both of these goals. It’s original and professional — the mixture your customers want to see in you.


Details |Demo

Flat Black – Consulting Agency WordPress Theme

The simplicity of this template is stunning. But that’s just what you need: from a consulting agency people want clear and precise information, not pretty pictures.


Details |Demo

Making Discoveries – WordPress Template for Science Laboratories

If you want to make science fashionable, a good design for your website is a must. Fortunately you have this template.


Details |Demo

Stylish Photography – Responsive WordPress Theme for a Photo Studio

Who will mix up with a photo studio with a boring and stiff website? Nobody. This template is built to bring your users that cool experience, where every photo looks better than the previous.


Details |Demo

Legal Advice – Responsive WordPress Design for a Law Firm

One needs to understand the law in order to follow it properly. With this minimalistic design your law firm gives your customers an opportunity to do so: it’s clean, simple and easy to read.


Details |Demo

Sleek Cars – Car Repair Responsive WordPress Template

Cars are the main feature of the Sleek Cars template. It will work great for your car repair website and your customers will understand, that you care about their cars. It’s also mobile-friendly, so it would be easier for them to stay in touch on the go.


Details |Demo

Horse Racing – Responsive WordPress Theme for Horse Fans

Horse racing is a lifestyle that suits adventure-seekers. But even a reckless adventurer from time to time needs a minute to rest. With this calm and pleasent design, you’ll be the best friend of all horse fans.


Details |Demo

Ebony – Management Company WordPress Design

With it’s dark wooden background, the Ebony design template speaks volumes about your management company. If you’re devoted to your ideals, confident and trust-worthy, this template is for you.


Details |Demo

Natural Floors – Elegant WordPress Theme for Interior Design

This is a great example of a theme that will make your website user-friendly. It’s simple, but it’s not simplicity for its own sake: it’s for the user, who wants the things to be perfectly clear.


Details |Demo

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