The Wolf of Facebook: Achieve Success with These 20 Beautiful Facebook Templates

Brokers on Wall Street know exactly what they want. They work with precision and dedication that should be looked upon at. And even if Leonardo DiCaprio once again walked away without an Oscar in his pocket, there’s a lesson in all of that.

Money is the measure of success. For brokers, money is success. And success is what everybody wants: from Jordan Belfort to the teenage girl you know who writes poems about love. There’s one simple rule for all of them: one must know what one wants.

If you know that, then congratulations. You have decided to step on the road to success. To walk it, you should know a few useful tricks. Be patient. Be dedicated. Be attentive. And use every possibility you encounter. Just like the brokers on Wall Street.

Currently one of the best possibilities you have is spreading on Facebook. Pretty much everybody is on Facebook these days and your audience (established or potential) would appreciate the possibility to connect with your service directly on Facebook. People spend a lot of time there, anyway.

To have a successful Facebook page, you need it to be simple, informative and good-looking. And with ready-made Facebook templates, it couldn’t be simpler to get yourself one.

See, for brokers there’s one more important rule. Don’t waste your own time. Putting your resources into a Facebook page design could be a good thing to do… But too often you have better choices. So why do that, when you can get yourself a Facebook page everybody will love — today? There’s a lot of benefits for it, too:

– Price. No more wasting money on custom designs — Facebook templates cost less than a hundred dollars.

– Quality. All of the themes featured in this post were designed by professionals.

– Time. There’s a lot you can achieve with each saved moment. Installing a pre-built Facebook template is easy and distraction-free.

– Support. If you buy a template from an established template provider (such as, you will have access to a dedicated support team. They will be happy to answer your questions or solve your problems should you encounter any.

And now, let’s proceed to the selection of best Facebook page templates:

1. Facebook Page Template for a Luxurious Hotel


Everybody wants to be a part of something luxurious. And that’s what you can give people with this beautiful Facebook design for your Hotel page.

Details | Demo

2. Facebook Page Design for a Trendy Business Endeavour


In business, you have to show people that you know what you’re doing. It means showing responsibility and reliability. It’s easy to show people that you mean business with such confident design as in this template.

Details | Demo

3. Facebook Page Theme for a Beautiful Delivery Services


Eating is necessary to continue living, but what is dull eating if not a simple means for functioning? To live a happy life one needs to turn his repast into a celebration. Celebration of beauty of life itself. And that is what this template is about: bright colors, big pictures, crisp photos, what a pleasure.

Details | Demo

4. Facebook Page Template for a Caring Vet Clinic


People love their pets. And when their adorable cats and dogs need medical attention, people want to know that doctors will care about their favorite little creatures. Show them that you do care with this nice, lovable template.

Details | Demo

5. Facebook Page Theme for a Stylish Business


Use this template and proceed to doing your business with a new-found style and certainty. Image is important and when people will look at your Facebook page, they will immediately understand who they’re dealing with. Someone important, someone big.

Details | Demo

6. Facebook Page Template for a Design Studio


Complication never helped anybody. For a design studio, it’s important to send a clear message: we know what positive simplicity means. Unclutter your design perception with this theme.

Details | Demo

7. Facebook Page Theme for a Different University


Education suffers from the lack of fresh approaches. If you want to open a page for a university that is different, use this pre-built template. Light green accent and minimalistic design will surely win you attention.

Details | Demo

8. Facebook Page Design for a Clever University


Black accent combined with a few strokes of light blue shows your creative, but professional approach to education. Pretty much as with the last entry, this is a template for a university of tomorrow: different, better.

Details | Demo

9. Facebook Page Template for Interesting Science Projects


Discoveries are wonderful. There’s a lot of hard work behind them, but first and foremost science gives us all the ability to see the wonders of the universe. Highlight that important quality with this outstanding Facebook template for your page on science.

Details | Demo

10. Facebook Page Theme for Agriculture


This template will work wonders on your agriculture business. A cozy palette, the combination of yellow colors — it creates an atmosphere of something very pleasant, something that feels like home.

Details | Demo

11. Facebook Page Template for a Futuristic Exterior Design


People want their houses to look modern. If your company works to help them make that dream come true, you need a Facebook page that looks like one in the demo.

Details | Demo

12. Facebook Page Design for Important Business


In business, you need to show other people that you know the price of yourself and the price of the service you provide. An elegant, good-looking theme for your Facebook page will show that you care about the little things and know where you are going.

Details | Demo

13. Facebook Page Template for a Heavenly Hotel


A blue palette used in this template instantly reminds people of sky. Sky is something all of us look at with a trembling heart and happy thoughts floating in our heads. If your hotel is a happy place where people could discover what heavenly vacation is, then this is a template for you.

Details | Demo

14. Facebook Page Design for a Simple Insurance


There’s a rule of helping people: be simple doing that. Insurance is an essential part of the modern world. With this template, your Facebook page will give your customers only the information they want to see. They will appreciate it.

Details | Demo

15. Facebook Page Theme for a University of Success


People go to universities in order to understand what to do with their lives. Help them find a proper course right from the very beginning. A simple, good-looking Facebook page will work wonders for your potential students.

Details | Demo

16. Facebook Page Theme for a Smiling Dentistry


What’s the point of having a good-looking smile if there’s nothing that will bring that smile to your face? A Facebook dentistry page that looks as beautiful and bright as this one will surely make people smile — or make them want to use your service before.

Details | Demo

17. Facebook Page Template for a Smart Business


Your customers always want to know if you have a plan for them. A confident smart template, built around a simple menu in the header, will show them that you know where to bring them next.

Details | Demo

18. Facebook Page Theme for Archery


Intense green palette in this template creates a very appealing image: archery as something deeply connected with nature, clean air and fun times. If you want to promote archery as a sport, this design will be your best bet.

Details | Demo

19. Facebook Page Design for Extreme Wakeboarding


This design was created around the idea of unforgettable times. A Facebook page that looks like this will tell people that there’s no best option for an extreme adventure that will stay with them.

Details | Demo

20. Facebook Page Template for a Thought-Out Architecture


Changing the world could be easy if you know how you want to do it. A clean, pleasant template? Your ticket to telling people your dream and making them believe in your dream. A dream of better world, a world of beauty and clever design.

Details | Demo

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