Affirm positive Google ranking with correct installation of WordPress SEO plugins

As you must be well aware that Search Engine Optimization is an absolute necessity for ensuring higher search engine rankings, its vital to ensure that your website in enriched with all the latest and updated SEO plugins. If you possess a WordPress website then it’s imperative to download and install the best SEO plugin that will ensure top ranking for your site on Google. Being recognized by the search engines improves your chances of getting noticed by a greater population of customers. My motive behind writing this blog is to make you familiar with the best guidelines on installing SEO plugins in your WordPress powered website.


What’s the role of SEO plugins in improving a site’s search engine ranking?

While WordPress provides you an edge in building an effective website, installing the right SEO plugins helps you attain a higher ranking on all the popular search engines. SEO plugin installation renders the ease to use the post tags in an efficient manner. You can use the plugin features to sort your posts in a faster yet accurate technique. Search engine optimization experts link the posts together to indicate a visible relation between them.

There’s a wide range of WordPress SEO plugins that allow easy indexing of your site by Google and other popular search engines. You may install a plugin that can be used for developing a Google Sitemap. This sitemap will definitely expedite your site’s visibility among the search engine crawlers who’re always on a look out for websites that contain a brief and accurate sitemap.

Now, a brief on installing WordPress SEO Plugins

Installing SEO plugins allows you to rest assured that the structure and settings of your WordPress website are in-line with the latest SEO standards. Here’s a list of methods that can be utilized for installing WordPress SEO Plugins:

Method No.1- Installing SEO Plugins through the back-end

As per this method, you need to follow a 6-step process as described below:

Step 1– Login to your WordPress website’s administrator panel using your authorized username and password.

Step 2– Hover your mouse over the list of SEO plugins displayed within the left panel.

Step 3– Click on “Add New” link available within the fly-out displayed on mouse hover for “Plugins”. The screen will look like this:


Step 4-Now, search the name of the SEO plugin you wish to install in your WordPress website. The screen for this will look like the one displayed below:


Step 5– Further, click on “Install Now” link displayed against the name of the SEO plugin. The screen will look like this:


Step 6– Once the installation process is complete, click on “Activate Plugin” link to enable the incorporation of plugin features into your website. The screen for this will look like below:


Method No.2- Upload and install SEO plugin directly on the back-end

As per this method, you need to follow the first three steps covered under Method 1 to reach the below displayed screen.


Once you’re on the above page, click on “Upload” link to upload the zipped file version of the WordPress SEO plugin. Once you’re done with the uploading part, go to the “Plugins” link within the left menu and click on it to reach the screen displayed below:


On the above screen, click on “Activate Plugin” link to activate the plugin features for your website.


To sum up, I’d like you to know that WordPress is indeed an amazing platform for portraying your presence over the World Wide Web. Adherence to the above mentioned methods can allow you to achieve the best possible seo results for your WordPress site. Whether it’s about ranking higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs) or connecting your WordPress site with your favorite social networks, you can achieve all this and more by installing the correct WordPress plugins.

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