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Thank you for visiting our advertising page for scratchinginfo. If you are looking for great opportunity to advertise your own product or whatever the thing you want to promote, here is the right place to look for.


Scratchinginfo has been visited by many people who wanted to find a right theme template to meet their needs, right plugin for the function people wants and became one of the most popular theme collection website and it is still growing over time.


This website offers something from wordpress theme to e-commerce website template, plugin as well as niche related template.


Here are 10 interesting facts about scratchinginfo

  • It started in 2013 with an annual readership of just 3,000 visitors
  • It has a large wordpress theme author who contributed lots of template to our website since then.
  • It is expected to receive 600,000 visitors in 2016
  • 87% of its traffic comes from organic search Engine which indicates search engine optimisation (SEO) being doing pretty well.
  • 1 in 2 search engine visitors arrives via
  • 1 in every 5 visitors enters scratchinginfo via a referral or direct traffic who comes more than once.
  • 90% of visitors to the site use desktop or laptop.
  • 10% of visitors visits scratchinginfo via mobile or tablet.
  • Blog posts generally receive 2 or 3 positive comments about our collection of wordpress theme.
  • Our theme collections have been read by close to  2 million people and the number is rising on a daily basis


You might want to work together with us as our excellent partner if 

  • You have a good quality, well maintained, easy to use, theme or plugin.
  • You are blogger and wants to post a quality topic that is totally related to scratchinginfo.
  • You want to help people find the theme they want easier


You are not welcome to become our partner if 

  • You are just wanting to post your article for the sake of publishing it.
  • You are just seeking to get inbound link from scratchinginfo to strengthen your domain.
  • You want to just publish your article for the sake of practicing your own writing skills.


There are many benefits you will receive by advertising on our blog scratchinginfo.

  • Because scratchinginfo is trusted website, people will assume the place visitor go through our link will be trusted by them.
  • Currently the average traffic is 4,000/day so you know how much exposure you will be getting on by advertising.
  • Your article will be read by many visitors so it could potentially increase your sales dramatically.


All of our traffic are coming from different sources: 

  • Social Media such as Facebook, twitter.
  • Search Engine
  • Viral Marketing
  • Expired Domains
  • Other website which feature our blog post.
  • Journal articles
  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • Forum marketing
  • PPC
  • Word of mouth/third party referrals
  • Guest Posting


Please contact us for advertising option if you think scratchinginfo is the right place for you.

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