8 Facts Proving WordPress the Best Blog Platform

Choosing a convenient platform for a blog is the right way to make the process of blogging comfortable. WordPress is number one choice among bloggers all over the world.


Why is a Blog on WordPress Better than Conventional Blogs?

What is the reason that WordPress has become one of the most popular blog platforms for the past couple of years? There are such popular platforms like Joomla, DLE, WP but people do not stop what is best one out of all CMS. It is a simple blog platform with an intuitive interface; it is easy to install on a server (five-minute installation). However, it is always difficult for a newcomer to understand what to start with.

At first glance, to start a blog seems challenging, but it’s not true, the initial impression is always deceptive. There are many free video tutorials and instructions for installing the engine on the server. The Internet is available in almost every home; technologies keep developing at a rapid pace. Now even a housewife without a special education can quickly and easily create WordPress blog and even make a profit from it.


So, why is it better than any other conventional blog? Let’s find out.

  1. There are plenty of plug-ins on the WP website. The choice is so great and varied. The initial thing that comes to mind after installing any engine is to install a beautiful theme. And where can you get it? WordPress design for the blog can be selected in several ways: you can order a design from a freelancer or professional web-studio; you can buy a premium theme; you can download free themes. In the official repository, you can find many free templates, some of them are not inferior to premium themes regarding functionality. Free themes are distributed on other sites, just be careful – they can be embedded in the malicious code. If you download themes from other resources, then check them, for example, with the plug-in.
  2. Search engines are well-indexed blogs on WordPress, and if there are shortcomings, then all of them are solved. The source code for the files does not contain garbage code; it has a valid layout. With the help of plug-ins, standard features are expanded.
  3. WordPress is a free content management system. It’s important for many that the system is provided to users free of charge; moreover, it is updated with enviable regularity. Not every platform can provide it.
  4. WordPress is open source software, in other words, you can easily put some new features. There are dozens of WP plugins that allow you change, improve and extend basic capabilities. For example, on the site, you can install an online store, an original portfolio, any propositions like “want to write my essay for me,” etc. If to compare WP and Blogger for business sites, then WordPress, without a doubt, is the best long-term option for the owner of any serious enterprise.
  5. WP engine is very fast. Even if there are more dozen active plugins, WP works well. Obviously, if there are way more than 10 plugins, then it will affect the site’s performance. Despite this, its work is more vigorous than other platforms’.
  6. Community support. Within the millions of people who use this platform, there are many people who will be ready to help you cope with the problems. Some WordPress websites offer free support for site owners. If you have time, you could contact their forums and get help within a few minutes.
  7. Among all CMS, WordPress offers most free themes and a huge number of paid templates that can be adapted to any subject of the site. It is also equipped with a much larger number of plugins and templates than any other engine.
  8. Joomla vs WordPress. The number of extensions on Joomla is not as significant as on WordPress; it sometimes makes it difficult to find a suitable module. Also, the standard installation, Joomla does not allow you to search and install extensions and templates directly from the admin area. You will need to put a special extension, but search and configuration have to be done manually.

There are many free engines that can be more convenient and functional. However, WP has won recognition precisely because of its simplicity and accessibility of WordPress website builder, which allows it to be used by newcomers who just start their blog from scratch. It is wise to start with WordPress plans to make sure you do everything step-by-step without missing anything.




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