6 Laptops That Perfectly Serve Both Your Gaming And Business Needs

All work and no play is sure to make you a dull person which is why it important for you to balance your life so that you are able to have a little fun along the way. When people choose to invest in a laptop they usually consider satisfying any one of their needs. But what they don’t realize is that they can also invest in a laptop that can satisfy both requirements with one single device. If you love gaming and you have always wanted to invest in a budget laptop under $700 then you can click here for a list of gaming laptops that are affordable. However, if you are looking for a laptop that could serve as a gaming laptop and double up as your work laptop then here are 6 laptops that are perfectly crafted for the businessman and the gamer inside of you.

Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501

The one feature that makes a gaming laptop a strong laptop is that the body of the laptop can withstand rough use. This amazing Asus model is designed to allow the roughest gamers to play long games without having to worry about the laptop going bad. This sleek Ultrabook comes with power-packed features that also allow you to work on it very effectively. This is a fast laptop that comes with a quiet cooling system which ensures the laptop will never overheat even if you have it running all day for your work and all night for your gaming fun.

Razer Blade

Although Razer Blade is considered to be more of a gaming laptop, this laptop can work perfectly to suit all your business requirements as well because it comes with a very efficient touchpad and keyboard that allows you to handle all your business tasks with ease. You will also be able to play games on the laptop for as long as you want without stressing about the battery draining out because this laptop has a powerful battery that can go on for long hours.

Gigabyte SabrePro 15

If you are not worried about the budget of a laptop and you’re looking for something that will work perfectly to suit your gaming requirements and bring out the best business person in you, then this is one laptop that you will definitely love. It has set a standard higher than all the other laptops that you will find not only because of its amazing features but also because of the high end specifications that the laptop is powered with.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

While this laptop was created to suit business owners, the sturdy body and the long battery life along with the touch screen feature makes it a dream laptop for every gamer as well. This is a great budget laptop for gamers because it will enable you to play some of the best games without any kind of lag whatsoever. If you love to multitask then this is a laptop of your dreams.

Dell XPS 13

Business owners and gamers have one requirement that is common and that is a long battery life. This beautiful Dell laptop comes with a sturdy battery that could last for multiple hours even when in full functionality. This is a lightweight laptop that allows you to travel with it whenever you want and if you have an urgent business meeting to attend, you don’t have to stress about not being able to charge your laptop consistently.

Toshiba Portege Z30-C-138

Although this laptop is a little small, it is perfect for gamers who like traveling a lot because you can simply fit it into your backpack and walk around without worrying about your laptop weight on your shoulder. While this is a small laptop, it is packed with features that will ensure you have a smooth ride, whether it is gaming or creating a presentation for your business meeting.

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