15 Travel Blogs and Ready Made Themes to Share Your Travel Impressions with the World

One of the greatest things about travel is that it broadens your mind. You experience new things, meet new people, discover new places. Even a week of travel can change your way of thinking considerably. Every trip is a little struggle, and if you win it, you get something in return. Perhaps you become stronger and healthier (after spending a month in the mountains), or more enduring (after spending 24 hours in a bus). But the reward can be as simple as a friendly smile of a stranger or a feeling of mutual understanding with other person. Every trip shares something with you, you just have to embrace it and enjoy every single moment of it.

By exploring other cultures you see how different people live, and you stop being limited by your own cultural standards. Travel makes you a more extroverted person, as you cannot travel without interacting with other people. At some point you just have to talk, otherwise you will lose something on your way, something valuable.

If you are one of those lucky ones who want to share with others their unique travel impressions, we’ve come up with a collection of beautiful templates for your future travel blog. Also we added some of the most interesting travel blogs that made it big and now are sharing their adventures with others. You can find there a lot of interesting information about countries, places, people and cultures, look at beautiful pictures and literally experience everything they did on their trips. So, let’s dig in!

1. Wonders Around Us Template

A great theme with a big-resolution image and intuitive navigation. At once it will emerge your visitors into the world of adventures and amazing discoveries. A fully responsive layout will allow people to browse it easily on different kinds of devices, whether it is a tablet, or a smartphone. Simple and intuitive, this theme is worth giving it a try.


2. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt made his first trip when he was 23, and that experience completely changed his life. He discovered for himself a new world without boundaries, and exploring it became his everlasting passion that he has been pioneering since. He helps beginner travelers, and gives useful tips of how to travel with a minimum money and effort. His website really rocks!


3. A Trip of Your Dream Template

Are you ready to start your own journey? Explore different countries and dive into world of adventures? This beautiful template in smooth colors can serve you well as a travel journal, where you will write down everything that is worth mentioning. It conveys a special atmosphere of vacation, and hints at your true vocation – to travel around the world. The template is responsive, as well as fully customizable. You can change any elements of the page the way you like, choose another font, background color, menu, etc. Feel free to try and experiment.


4. A Luxury Travel Blog

If you are tired of a life in the wild and want to travel with comfort, welcome to the Luxury Travel Blog. There you will find all the tips and advice for those who want to turn their trip into a pleasant walk in a park with all the comforts and accommodations possible. Luxurious hotels, resorts, and restaurants are waiting for you.


5. Travel Anywhere Template

Travel Anywhere Template is designed for a travel agency that cares for its clients. This juicy template will make your website more vivid and alive. A grid-based layout will allow your visitors to navigate your website with a minimum effort. Brazil, Spain, Thailand – travel anywhere and share your impressions with others.


6. Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond is a travel blog of Matthew Karsten, an enthusiast traveler and passionate photographer. His curiosity of the world drives him crazy! He sold his car, left his girlfriend, quit his job, and bought a one way ticket to Guatemala. And his journey began. Wanna know what has become of him? Read about his adventures on Expert Vagabond.


7. Wonders of the World Template

This template will nicely suit both a travel blog, and a travel agency, as it incorporates a lot of vivid imagery and focuses on content. A sleek image slider will diversify the browsing experience providing a viewer with the finest images of nature landscapes. Surely, the template is fully editable and customizable, and the images, as well as any other elements, can be changed.


8. Leave Your Daily Hell

Leave Your Daily Hell is a travel blog run by Robert. He’s a passionate traveler and wants to inspire others explore the world and leave their daily routine. A constant seeker of freedom and meaning, Robert is happy to share his experience with others.


9. The Road to Your Journey

The Road to Your Journey is another template with big resolution images that is focused on minimalist layout with a minimum of unnecessary details. Simplicity is a key word here. Elegantly crafted icons, and a stylish dark menu bar will suit perfectly any image possible, so don’t afraid to experiment and adjust the template to your needs.


10. The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler is a guide for those who lack finances. If the only reason why you don’t travel is the financial difficulties, you can definitely get some great advice there. The guys at The Poor Traveler will share their thoughts on how to spend as little money as possible and at the same time enjoy your trip. They strongly believe that seeing the world shouldn’t cost you the world and I absolutely agree with that.


11. Tropical Vacation Template

If you don’t want to freeze in the cold mountains, or sweat in a dry desert, and the only ideal vacation for you is Bahamas, don’t miss the Tropical Vacation Template. It is designed for a travel agency, and implemented in bright colors of blue sky and turquoise ocean. Your visitors will feel the atmosphere of vacation right away.


12. Migrationology

Migrationology is a unique resource that focuses only on one aspect of traveling, and that is food. Yes, exactly. Mark Viens is a dedicated enthusiast who believes that one of the best reasons why to travel is to taste as many dishes as possible. He generously shares his culinary insights with his readers and proves that food is a crucial part of understanding every culture.


13. Unforgettable Journey Template

Unforgettable Journey is a template that can suit both a travel blog and a travel agency. A beautiful background image conveys the atmosphere of an authentic paradise. The template is fully responsive, which means that the size of your website will be automatically adjusted to the size of the screen. All the elements of the page will be of an appropriate size as well. The template is simple and at the same time impressive which is a perfect combination.


14. Twenty-Something Travel

If you’re twenty something and you want to bring new hue to your life, try reading Stephanie’s blog. She’s been just like you, a person with a boring job and a little money in her pocket, but she found courage to make a step that changed her life immensely. She’s been traveling for four years already, and definitely wants to continue her adventures. She shares useful information about the countries she’s been to, and will help you to start your own journey with a good piece of advice.


15. Real Adventures Template

Designed for a travel agency, Real Adventures template will be a great choice for those who want a great-looking and unobtrusive theme. A simple navigation with a nice typography will provide an intuitive user experience. All the elements are chosen carefully and in a right order, which makes this theme easy to use. Your visitors won’t get lost in a ton of unnecessary features, but will find what they need right away.


That’s all for now. What in your mind are the most interesting travel blogs out there? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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