10 Top and Best Metro Applications for Windows 8

As we know, a new version of MS operating system Windows 8 has arrived with new features. The new version launches new changes primarily focused towards improving the user interaction on mobile platforms for example tablets to compete with other platforms like iOS and Android.

Microsoft also launched the new version for applications that is Windows Store (also know as Metro-style apps). Now with Metro application, it is easy to improve your personal computer with a lot of powerful metro applications. Checkout my list of 25 best and top metro applications for Windows 8.

1. File Brick


Work Notes Pro a very stable, responsive and simple application that combines cloud storage and local drive to help the user to search files more easily white this app provides full functionality of a file manager.

2. Custom Tiles Maker

Custom Tiles Maker

This title maker application allows you to create and edit custom titles in Windows 8. Now you are able to create very simple titles.

3. flow.timer – social time tracking

flowtimer - social time tracking

This one is a project management and time tracking tool for the people who work as a team. This time tracking tools has convincing outcomes from the very first minute and for a better workflow in your project team.

4. Goals


This application lets you to check your personal goals. With Goals app, you will be able to monitor the process of reaching your aims and goals.

5. Type Speed Test

Type Speed Test

This is an ideal application of windows 8 to test and calculate your typing speed with different levels. It has more user friendly design and interface to analyze your typing speed. So, now you shouldn’t worry about typing speed, just use this app.

6. Bitcasa Infinite Storage

Bitcasa Infinite Storage

Bitcasa Infinite Storage is very helpful in terms of storage in Windows 8. By using this, you can easily access all of your documents, movies, photos, music etc on your tablet and PC. It provides unlimited cloud storage for your files. You can also replace you external storage drives via Bitcasa Infinite Storage.

7. Format Converter X

Format Converter X

If you are searching on the internet for an application to convert your audio and video files when you are using Windows 8. Don’t go with other application, Windows app store has an application for doing this, and this application is Format Converter X. You can convert file formats including PCM, AC3, WAV, MOV, WMA, AAC, AVI, MP4, MP3, MPEG and many more.

8. Fhotoroom


Fhotoroom application of Windows has over 18 tools for example black and white point, mirror, flip, sharpen, rotate, saturation, exposure, crop and many more. It also has 21 beautiful styles (able to give your photo a unique look) and light leaks (give your photo a classic lens look).

9. RainbowDrive


RainbowDrive helps you to manage more than one cloud accounts as well as it also supports integration of Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive. It has the ability to auto categorize your files by video, music, photo or other file types with a link to share files via email.

10. Digital Diary

Digital Diary

Digital Diary app’s primary aim is the digitalized experience of traditional diary. It is already embedded with 10,000 (surprising work by Microsoft) years dynamic calendar and by choosing a day you can write, add images, events and narrate activities of a day.

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