10 Intensive HTML5 Infographics

HTML5 is very far from a finished standard till now. Just everyone is talking about what would be the new possibilities and features in the future for better web development. For this article, I decided to write something about HTML5 info-graphics (graphical or visual representations of information) and I hope you will find this article interesting regarding HTML5. Below is the list of top 10 intensive HTML5 info-graphics.


1. The Evolution of the Web

The Evolution of the Web

The internet or in other words web nowadays is a rapidly growing world of interlinked web apps and web pages, in the form of photos, videos and interactive content. But, what the normal user doesn’t see is the inner game of web browsers and technologies that makes all this possible.

2. HTML5: A Look Behind the Technology Changing the Web

HTML5 A Look Behind the Technology Changing the Web

In this infographic, you will learn the features of HTML5 which are predicted for the new web programming standards.

3. HTML5 vs Flash Games

HTML5 vs Flash Games

This infographic will teach you that which will be in the lead, HTML5 or Flash, in the coming future. One term I recognize best when comparing both is that “No client side code is safe but flash is miles ahead of HTML5 because we can hack the HTML5 code by viewing page source, but for hacking flash weed the SWF that is hardly possible.

4. An HTML5 infographic, animated with HTML5 – a world first?

An HTML5 infographic

With the existence of plenty of info-graphics out there on HTML5, our major challenge was to do and do something that would stand out. If we are talking all about HTML5, why not animate the info-graphic via HTML5.

5. New Infographic: HTML5 Vs. Flash

New Infographic HTML5 Vs. Flash

This infographic discusses that whether flash and HTML5 coexist and how people can build stunning websites by using the platform between the two.

6. HTML5: Why Developers Need It!

HTML5 Why Developers Need It

In this infographic you will see interesting stats and facts that every web developer can use HTML5 for their ventures.

7. WTF is HTML5 and Why Should We All Care?

WTF is HTML5 and Why Should We All Care.

This infographic act like a pinner that you can use for educational reference because they have not provided original source yet.

8. INFOGRAPHIC: Making a Case for HTML5

NFOGRAPHIC Making a Case for HTML5

This inforgaphic illustrates the rise of HTML5 as a marketing and publishing technology. It shares information like: we can create HML6 web apps one and port it on every device, it is being used by 50% of developers nowadays and it can be grow to 80% within the next three years.

9. The Hype Versus Reality of HTML5 Deployment

The Hype Versus Reality of HTML5 Deployment

Do we really know about HTML5? It is a new Web markup standard with the ability to build cross-platform applications that can run anywhere, everywhere and anytime. The main word here is ability.

10. The Authentic Infographic History of HTML5

The Authentic Infographic History of HTML5

You will know the history of HTML5 via this infographic from 2004 to today when WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) was established.

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